Sustainable fashion: take a stand against fast fashion

Sustainable fashion: take a stand against fast fashion

Vamp Influencer Brodie Worrell @whenitsaugust is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to spearheading the sustainable fashion industry. She believes International Women’s Day is a great time to reflect on the women in the fast fashion industry who work in horrible conditions for little pay as well as the small but powerful ways we can all help to support these women. Instagram has given her a medium to build her business Baby Bohème and being an influencer has helped her to grow in self confidence and connect with many like-minded women. 

Tell us more about your pre-loved designer clothing business. What is your experience of being a #girlboss in the sustainable fashion industry?

I opened my first retail store when I was 19 in South Yarra! It was a solo project and I learnt so much from the experience! The world of fast fashion is actually really scary. I read the statistic that the average woman only wears about 40% of what’s in her wardrobe, which means 60% is being added to landfill. I think we all need to mindful about where clothing is coming from. Shopping pre-loved is so much fun. You can give life to something again, and help mother earth at the same time! 

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It is such an important day to me because as as women we can do anything we put our minds to. It is a day to unite as one for gender equality, to empower one another & be there to support and encourage each other. It is a day to celebrate all achievements throughout history & to set future goals. For me working in fashion I like to think of the fashion resolution and the fact that 80% of garment workers are women. It is a day to think about where are clothes come from & the conditions in which these women are working. We can make changes together and I think March 8th is a great reminder of how strong & incredible women are.

How do you use Instagram to build a personal brand/your business?

Instagram is the best marketing tool! I use Instagram almost every day. I can not think of any other tool that you can post for free on and get such great engagement from! I love finding new products and inspiring new accounts to follow. For a business it is so important that you are keeping up with Instagram, posting frequently & engaging with your following. I have built up an online clientele through Instagram & have met so many amazing women through sharing fashion & styling tips. My blog @whenitsaugust & online store Baby Bohème would not have been possible without Instagram.

How can social media help women to feel more body confident?

I think empowering each other & supporting one another is great. There are so many great, positive accounts out there that are uplifting. With my online store babybohème, I love to share inspiration & chat to women of all shapes and sizes. I have enjoyed styling women of all ages and find it so rewarding when I know I have helped them feel beautiful & confident. Jshealth is one of my favourites! Jessica Sepel is such a positive and inspiring nutritionist who I believe would give confidence to many women around the globe to feel comfortable in their own skin. I think it is important to follow accounts of people who keep it real & that are relatable. Unlike looking at magazines I love that through Instagram you can have a chat, engage, ask questions and really get to know the personalities of the women you follow. There are so many amazing women out there who inspire me daily through their posts. I think there is no perfect size & many accounts are helping women with self doubt & anxiety overcome these fears. I know I’ve been inspired by Jshealth to get in the kitchen prepare amazing healthy meals, to love food & my body! 

What advice would you give to a woman who is nervous about going for a job/promotion/pay rise/starting a business?

I would say go for it! Holding back or second guessing yourself isn’t going to change anything. Know your self worth & go for what you want in life! Believe in yourself, be confident and as cheesy as it sounds chase your dreams! You want to do what makes you happy at the end of the day. 

Does being an influencer/content creator empower you? How? 

I think creating content is so much fun & without actually noticing it has given me more confidence to really be myself. Putting yourself out there online can be daunting and I know so many people get so nervous about posting a photo online. But I think it is empowering to be able to be yourself. I think posting online and chatting to amazing people all over the globe is incredible. It’s so interesting to be able to connect with people in fashion, share styling tips with ladies all over the globe & have such great friendships through social media. We all encourage each other, offer advice and suggestions, it really is so much fun! 

What and/or who inspires you? 

Jshealth is very inspiring to me. I think she offers some great advice & I know I have made some simple, yet such great lifestyle changes since following her page. It is important to follow accounts that inspire you & are positive and encouraging. Adventurouskate is another one of my favourite accounts. Kate is a solo female traveller who has been to over 70 countries! I love following her adventures & am constantly inspired by her travels! I love travelling and do lots of trips solo. Kate is a huge inspiration to me. I think it is amazing how she stands up for what she believes in & gets out there. Her aim is inspire women to travel around the world safely & I think she does an incredible job. I love how she keeps it real and her posts are full of helpful knowledge. Travel isn’t just bikini shots in blue water so I love how she offers female travellers real advice. 

Which brands do you feel are supporting women to be the best they can be?

Dress for Success is one of my favourite organisations at the moment! You can donate your pre-loved work clothes that you no longer wearing. It is such an incredible charity that helps disadvantaged women by giving them your pre-loved professional clothing so that they can attend job interviews feeling good & confident! The social outfit is a great brand that employs and trains women from refugee camps. It is 100% ethical and they make some really, really cool outfits! 

What key challenges do you face as a woman? How do you overcome them? 

I think sometimes as a young women I can be over seen. Some more senior people don’t respect your opinion as much as they should. It can sometimes be extremely frustrating to have good ideas and be turned down, but also important to remember to stay motivated, to keep pushing and stay true to yourself. I think it is important not to let bullies get to you in the work place and to stand up for yourself. This was something I really have struggled with in the past but have learnt from.