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with influence.

The Vamp platform consolidates all your creator interactions into a single console. Our tools and workflow make creator collaborations easy.

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From the Source: What consumers want from influencer marketing

We spoke to hundreds of your customers to gauge what channels, content, and campaigns work for them.

Predictable outcomes from the word go​.

Know with our campaign calculator.

Even before you run a campaign on the Vamp platform, our campaign calculator estimates the outcomes you can expect to achieve. Budget planning is made easier using a blend of estimated media value calculation, forecasted reach and expected engagement metrics.

Campaign workflow management.

Streamline milestone delivery with smart alerts.

Invite your team to collaborate on tasks, see workflows at-a-glance and quickly identify where project deliverables are due or at risk. All content approvals happen within the platform, including the ability to message creators direct via a chat facility.

Protect your most valuable asset:
your brand.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

From creator audience authentication to built-in contracts, transparent creator rates and efficient workflows to manage outreach even before anything goes public, are just some of the ways the Vamp platform helps safeguard your brand’s reputation.

Match with your next
brand advocate.

Don’t waste time searching through creator databases.

With our CAST tool, the Vamp platform uses machine learning models to understand your target aesthetic, displaying a curated list of recommended creators who best align to your campaign objectives.

Licence and download your campaign content.

Give your creator content a second lease of life.

Fuel your brand’s content strategy and elevate the quality of your Social Media Channels, Ads, Websites and EDMs by easily licensing your creator’s latest work, all through our platform.

Amplify with paid media.

Move from likes and shares into direct sales.

Watch your sales grow as you amplify influencer posts with paid media and track it all within our platform.

See how Ted Baker drove 3M impressions

Vamp Your platform.

White-label Vamp to be your custom platform.

Watch your sales grow as you amplify influencer posts with paid media and track it all within our platform.

“Working on the platform has been amazing. It’s been easy and seamless to work on and it’s allowed us to officially believe in what we are doing”

Andy Marsh, Senior Brand Manager

Ready to get started?​

Start running your first campaign, or contact us to setup a live demo.

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.