Social media platform updates: February 2024

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If you’re looking to drive further reach and discoverability, staying abreast of the latest social media platform updates is crucial for both marketers and influencers.

At Vamp, we want to keep you up to date with these changes and are here to provide a comprehensive roundup of the key updates from major platforms, allowing you to leverage these advancements to lean into the strengths and biases of each platform’s algorithms.

Vamp: Revolutionizing collaboration

Before we dive into the platform updates, let’s highlight how Vamp is reshaping the influencer marketing game. Vamp serves as a central hub, enabling companies to seamlessly source and brief influencers.

With content creation happening directly on the platform, marketers can streamline feedback and approvals, eliminating the chaos of emails and spreadsheets. As official partners of TikTok, Meta, and YouTube, Vamp pulls live data from creators’ profiles, simplifying reporting and saving marketers valuable time.

Now, let’s delve into the exciting developments across major social media platforms in February 2024.

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YouTube: Elevating analytics and content creation

YouTube has introduced several game-changing features to enhance content planning and creation. Creators can now leverage Playlist Analytics, gaining insights into the performance of their playlists. This allows for a more strategic approach to content grouping, ultimately boosting viewer engagement.

Content Gap insights in the “Research” tab aid in identifying underserved topics related to your channel, providing opportunities to align with search intent effectively. Additionally, YouTube now allows highlighting top community clips and scheduling members-only videos, enabling creators to build anticipation and engagement around exclusive content.

Expanding access to the “Create” mobile video editing app, YouTube empowers creators in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and other regions. This app offers a comprehensive toolkit, including audio clean-up, auto captions, filters, effects, transitions, access to royalty-free songs, and direct publishing to YouTube, streamlining the video creation process.

In response to the music dispute on TikTok, YouTube seizes the opportunity by introducing new music remix options for Shorts. Creators can now remix sound, collab with artists, use the green screen, or cut specific scenes from music videos, offering innovative ways to engage with favorite tracks.

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Credit: Social Media Today

Threads: Expanding features and curating content

Threads, owned by Meta, is expanding its features to enhance user experience. The introduction of the “Save” post option for all users allows tagging posts for later revisitation. As Threads continues to evolve, it seeks to keep users engaged with additional features, focusing on expanding its user base.

In a bid to strike a balance between real-time engagement and preventing divisive political debates, Threads is testing “Trending Topics” or “Today’s Topics.” This feature aims to facilitate more positive discussions of broad interest within the app.

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Instagram: Boosting live-stream engagement and profile aesthetics

Instagram is experimenting with live-stream games to elevate engagement during broadcasts. Creators can choose between “This or That” and “Trivia,” injecting an interactive element into live-streams, fostering a stronger connection with the audience.

A new option to preview feed post placement before publishing is being tested, allowing users to visualize how a post will fit into their profile grid. This minor yet handy update helps users maintain a cohesive aesthetic and plan their posts strategically.

instagram post preview screenshot
Credit: Social Media Today

X (Twitter): Introducing video Spaces for dynamic conversations

X, formerly known as Twitter, is testing video Spaces, allowing some X Premium subscribers to launch Spaces chats with live video. This update introduces a new layer of context to Spaces discussions, offering opportunities for live video interactions. With X reporting over 80,000 Spaces chats per day, this move aims to further facilitate engagement within the platform.

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, Vamp remains committed to providing influencers and marketers with a streamlined, efficient platform. By harnessing the latest features from these social media giants, influencers and marketers can navigate the ever-changing algorithms, driving reach, and enhancing discoverability.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Vamp as we navigate the exciting world of influencer marketing together. Feeling ready to activate today? Get started with your first campaign now. 

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