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New & Improved on the Vamp Platform

As you may know, we keep campaign opportunities open on the app until the campaign ends to allow for brands to add more creators to their campaign at any point. In the past, this has left our creators in the dark not knowing whether or not they were accepted for a campaign.

In our latest release, when a campaign you have applied for starts without you being selected, you will receive a notification signalling that you are on the waitlist for the campaign.

If you were previously frustrated by old campaign opportunities showing in your Vamp app or dashboard, this one is for you! 

  • Only campaigns that you can apply for will now be visible on your new opportunities list.
  • If you have not applied for the campaign by the time the campaign starts, the campaign will be removed from your opportunities list.
  • Campaigns that you have applied for will remain in your opportunity list until the campaign is closed. 

What we call “content” has changed over the years. No longer is it just an image/video + caption. It is now also includes background music, text overlays/subtitles and voiceovers, etc. These extra content dimensions require us to increase the ability for our platform to review content accordingly.

  • Brands can now reference your content side by side to the rejection/feedback form.
  • The brand can select as many Do’s and Don’ts that apply to the rejection.
  • For any other dimensions that need revising, the brand will choose the ones that apply and write feedback for you.
  • You’ll receive a Pandabot message summarising the brands feedback.
  • If the content is approved, but the caption needs slight revisions, the Brand may make those revisions and approve the content (saving time of back-and-forths around minor caption corrections!).

The product deliverable within the platform helps brands understand when your product arrives, as well as allows you to be reimbursed should you need to purchase the product yourself.

It is now mandatory that the product deliverable be submitted and approved before content deliverables can start. This ensures that you have the right product on-hand (verified by the Brand) and thus the content creation phase can more reliably begin and the campaign can more reliably end.

  • The Product deliverable is now highlighted as the first thing to do in the platform.
  • Content deliverables are displayed as “locked” until the Product deliverable is complete.
  • You may still create content in the background, however you won’t be able to submit it until the Brand approves the Product deliverable.
  1. A newly updated unsubscribe link is available in emails sent to you.
  2. Should you need to reset your password, an email link should now consistently open the Vamp app.
  3. We’ve updated the platform for mobile devices that are in french, so brief prices are now visible.

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Authenticity is key! A general rule of thumb for Vamp briefs is that you’ll probably find yourself saying no to more briefs than you say yes to. Our motto is “if you don’t know, say no”. Here are few simple questions to ask yourself before applying to a campaign:

  • Are you available for the posting dates?
  • Do you have time to complete the collaboration professionally?
  • Do you like the product/brand?
  • Are you happy and confident you can fulfill all the brief requirements?
  • Do you think your followers will like the brand/product?
  • Will you still be happy to proceed if your allocated less content then you originally opted in for?
  • Are you excited by the opportunity?

Your app will display campaigns you applied for even after their start date because the client has the option to add more creators throughout the duration of the campaign. This can happen if we unfortunately have creators drop out, or the campaign is performing well and they’d like to add more creators. Typically it takes a brand 7-10 days to confirm their selection from when the brief is sent. If you have not received confirmation within this time you have likely not been selected as part of their initial squad.

One of the reasons clients work with Vamp is due to the streamlined process and removal of negotiating fees with multiple influencers. We always want influencers to be paid fairly, but to make things simpler for clients and to allow us to activate quickly, we encourage creators to apply to campaigns with their most competitive rate. Once you set your rate during the application stage, it cannot be adjusted, so it’s important to thoroughly read through the brief before you apply to any campaigns, and ensure that your proposed fee includes all taxes, fees and usage costs.

You can now access Vamp via a desktop or the app! To use the platform on a computer, simply go to and login with the same email and password you use in the app.

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