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Streamline the brand collaboration process, with a toolkit to liberate you to do your best creative work.

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We don’t require creators to produce any content prior to being selected for a campaign. We’ll never ask you to invest uncompensated time to create content upfront, as we don’t believe in making you work for free.

The Vamp Pledge is our commitment to respecting and upholding a creator’s creative interpretation of a campaign brief. It’s grounded in our belief that digital creators have the best judgment when it comes to what content connects with their audience.

“I love working with Vamp for so many reasons. The team are so professional and are amazing at connecting the right brand with the right creator. They are always available when you need them and there to support you.”
“I had a GREAT first experience working with Vamp & Gap. I think you are the best influencer marketing platform. The UI of your app is great, your staff are polite and responsive. What I like most is the chat conversation on the campaigns. It makes it super easy to communicate and no other platform has such a good, casual yet professional relationship with influencers.”
“I’ve really appreciated working with you on various campaigns throughout the year – you’ve helped connect me to some of my favourite brands so thank you so much for that”

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Streamline the brand collaboration process, with a toolkit to liberate you to do your best creative work.

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