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Pay as you go
Ideal for the seasonal campaign sender.

Key features

Annual Agreement
Rewarding customers running frequent campaigns.

Everything in Pay as you go, plus

Greater rewards for an always-on influencer strategy.

Everything in Annual Agreement, plus

Vamp Pro

Our fully managed service led by our team of experts.
Add to any plan for a fixed % fee, per campaign.

Vamp is a free platform to access. Our Pay-as-you-go campaign option is a great way to get an understanding of the platform before committing to a longer-term agreement.

Budgets are required to begin at $1,000. Any customers can access and use the Vamp platform free of charge, deploying campaigns on a Pay-as-you-go basis. Customers who opt for our Vamp Pro service will be subject to minimum spend levels.

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Both Pay-as-you-go and Committed Spend agreements are subject to our platforms marketplace fees. This is a variable fee designed to cover the platform’s operational costs and enable us to bring more and more opportunities to creators.

A subscription fees grants continuous access to Vamp’s technology and team, as well as eliminates any marketplace fee charges.

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To help you maximise the value you get from the Vamp platform, our minimum contract term is 12 months. Before you commit, the Vamp sales team will work with you to recommend the best approach aligned to your budget and needs. There is no minimum term for Pay-as-you-go customers.

Pay-as-you-go and Annual Agreement customers will be billed when they add their funds to their Digital Wallet.

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Overall, Annual Agreement customers gain access to key features, discounts on Vamp Pro, access to bonus credits and faster support from our Support Team.

Our Pay as you go campaigns are a great way to experience our technology, creator community and team.

The Vamp platform uses Dynamic Pricing, which surfaces an editable rate to creators interested in your brief, based on their follower size, engagement rate, local audience, content ability and content format. Because of this, their fees will always vary.

The major benefit to this system is Upfront Pricing, which reduces back and forth negotiations, and allows you to control your budget at the selection stage.

Our Brand Insiders offering, which is available to Annual Agreement and Subscription customers only, allow you to have pre-negotiated rates with creators and set fixed fees within the platform in advance, so that you know exactly what the costs are before you commence.

Penguin random house content. Small child reading books.

“It was really great using the platform, it was really easy to use and nice to have direct access to the influencers too – felt like nothing was being lost in translation at all, and that we had full control over the project.”

Lottie Halstead, Marketing Manager

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Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.