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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Self-serve customers will continue to access and use the Vamp platform free of charge, deploying campaigns on a pay-as-you-go basis. Customers who opt for a subscription plan, commit to the full term of their subscription, plus a per campaign spend of their own budgeting, not exceeding the spend limit of their plan.

To help you maximise the value you get from the Vamp platform, our minimum contract term is 12 months. Even before you commit, Vamp will work with you to recommend the most suitable package and support levels that best align to your budget and needs. There is no minimum term for Self-serve customers.

Subscription customers will be billed independently for their annual platform fee and their campaign access. The annual platform fee is non-refundable. Campaign spend up to the limit of your plan and within a 12-month period will be invoiced in arrears at the time of campaign execution.

Self-serve customers will be billed for campaign spend at the time of execution. 

Vamp’s focus is to enable you with the right levels of technology, servicing, and account management based on your business needs.

Applying a fixed service fee below the market rate makes working with Vamp more cost-competitive. It means you have complete transparency on how your spend is being invested, and the knowledge that the bulk of your investment with Vamp is put towards campaign content and creator compensation.

Your customer support level is determined by which Vamp subscription plan you purchase. Self-serve customers have access to online ticketing support and our Knowledge Center. Standard and Select Tier customers can use dedicated email support channels with defined response times. Customers on our highest Supreme Tier, benefit from priority account support, with the fastest query resolution.

Self-serve customers can continue to use the Vamp platform on a pay-as-you-go basis.

You can scale up from our minimum subscription package. There is no scaling down once you have committed to a tier within that 12-month period.

“It was really great using the platform, it was really easy to use and nice to have direct access to the influencers too – felt like nothing was being lost in translation at all, and that we had full control over the project.”
Lottie Halstead, Marketing Manager

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