TikTok trends report – March 2024

Your monthly roundup of the biggest trends on TikTok
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Trends are the key to success with TikTok’s algorithm, but which ones should you be aware of?

Now a fully-integrated channel in many marketers’ mix, TikTok continues to be a breeding ground for trends that captivate audiences worldwide. From quirky challenges to heartfelt moments, the platform thrives on creativity and innovation.

As marketers, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve, leveraging these viral sensations to connect with our audience in meaningful ways. In this monthly series, we delve into some of TikTok’s hottest trends, unraveling their essence, and exploring how brands and creators can harness their power to drive engagement and differentiation.

Join us as we decode the latest TikTok phenomena and discover how you can infuse them into your influencer marketing strategy to leave a lasting impact.

Trapped in a room trend

Using a sound that includes someone banging, screaming and trying to open a door, users show themselves attempting to break out of a room with a caption that describes what they want to escape. Many people are starting the caption with “your sentence is…” but you don’t have to do that.

How brands & creators can use it

For creators, this is an easy one to make relevant to your community, main topics and personal life. For parent creators, it could be escaping an overtired toddler. For beauty creators, it could be “your sentence is to live without your [favourite beauty product].

For brands, we’ve probably already given some food for thought with the latter of the above creator ideas. Another example could be to use major events related to your industry. For example, B2B marketers could say “me on day five of Cannes Lions when my colleague opens another bottle of rose”.

However you jump on this one, have fun with it, it’s a great way to inject relatability and humour to your feed.

@taymccomish i don’t know!!!!!! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Alex Consani

Glambot at home trend

GlamBOT may not be a name you instantly recognise, but we’re sure you’ve seen one before. You know those super futuristic photo booths you see celebrities use at awards shows? Where the camera spins around them in slow-mo and they do some sort of effortlessly cool poses? That’s a GlamBOT and TikTokers are making their own at home.

How brands and creators can use it

This is a super easy one to jump on for creators, you don’t even really have to come up with a hook. Just get your pal to record you in slow motion as you do your thing. You can spice it up a little by changing outfits or getting your friends and family involved if you want to, but this is a very easy one to jump on without all of that.

For brands, this is a great one to get your team involved. Maybe a member from each department? Or maybe it’s a cool one to introduce new team members? You can elevate it further with funny captions describing each person and their role.

@lcdaddy13 i luv those glambot videos #makeshiftglambot #glambot #celebrities ♬ sonido original – NLS MODELS

Just trust me, you’ll be fine trend

This is a potentially more emotional one, but also one you can have some great tongue-in-cheek fun with. This one sees users using the audio of an uplifting song, with the lyrics ‘trust me you’ll be fine’ serving as the transitional point of the video.

Some users show a montage, video or image of themselves younger or not doing well in some way, followed by positive images and videos after the ‘you’ll be fine line’. Other users are simply lip syncing the lyrics with a text overlay describing a relatably difficult situation.

How brands and creators can use it

As we’ve already mentioned, we think that can be used in a couple of main ways. The first is to lean into the emotive side of the trend and deliver a genuinely inspirational and supportive message. This could be by focusing on relevant issues to either your audience – this is true for both brands and creators.

The other way to approach this is to be more ironic in your delivery. You could maybe it centre it around an issue your product solves. As an example, a travel company could position their product as the catalyst for being fine. The first text overlay could say “struggling to find your perfect summer vacay?”, and as the line ‘trust me you’ll be fine’ is heard, they could switch to a montage of their  product being used, happy customers on vacation and interacting with their travel agents.

@tessamontgomeryyI love my life

♬ End of Beginning – Djo

Hello Sharks, I am asking for… trend

This is a really simple one for brands and creators to get involved with. Users are taking a very short clip from the Shark Tank show’s theme tune and writing a text overlay asking the sharks for an investment in themselves. Some people are simply doing this over a still image of themselves, whilst others are getting a little more creative with video. All are being completely silly in their requests.

How brands and creators can use it

As we said, this is an easy one. For creators, you could make this a totally personal one (we’re seeing a lot of boyfriend/ girlfriend requests) or go for something more in line with the topics you tend to cover.

The creativity here can be in what you’re willing to give in return. A fun one we saw was “sharks (boyfriend), I’m asking for $10,000 (a trip to the zoo). In return you’ll get equity (I’ll hold your hand) and a share of the business (I’ll tell you all the fun facts I read along the way”.

For brands, you simply have to make your product the request. This will best be achieve by collaborating with creators. As an example, we’ve seen plenty of “$34 to go get myself a Taco Bell”. We’ve also seen people asking for the sharks to buy their whole wishlist or even just to pay for the shipping costs. You could add something extra to this by answering the request in the caption e.g. by launching your next sale and leaving the discount code in the caption.

@sydwingold 0% equity 😌 ib @Matt Mahoneyoneyoney #sharktank #whydoyouactlikethat #doordash #meme #relatable #relatablememes #funny ♬ original sound – tiktokcontent

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