Social media platform updates: March 2024

Your monthly roundup of the social media updates and news you need to know
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Another month, another set of important social media platform updates. 

As platforms continuously roll out updates and new features, understanding these changes can significantly impact reach, engagement, and overall success. By staying on top of these updates, and incoporating them into your strategy, you can lean into the new ways the algorithms work, unlocking increase performance.

This month we’ve got updates across Instagram, Meta, TikTok, YouTube, Threads, and BeReal, covering features to drive conversions, reward creators and, unfortunately, some less positive news of a struggling platform. So, let’s delve into the latest updates from the major social media platforms in March 2024.


Ads with promo codes: Instagram now offers “Ads with Promo Codes” globally, allowing brands to entice shoppers with discounts directly in their captions, enhancing sales and tracking capabilities.

instagram ads with promo codes screenshot
Credit: Instagram

New DM updates: Instagram introduces several enhancements to direct messaging, including message editing, pinned chats, read receipts, and new chat themes, aligning with the growing trend of private engagement.

instagram new DM features screenshot
Credit: Instagram

Commenting on Carousel updates: Users can now comment on specific frames within carousel posts, fostering more focused engagement and interaction within the platform.

instagram carousel comment screenshot


Creator Rewards Program: TikTok launches a new monetization program favoring high-quality, original content over a minute long, with an emphasis on search value, signaling a shift towards rewarding content matching user search intent.

TikTok photos app: Reports suggest TikTok is developing a new “TikTok Photos” app, potentially enabling users to share still images to reach like-minded audiences, reflecting a broader push towards visual content.

tiktok photos screenshot
Credit: Social Media Today


Updated YouTube TV app: YouTube unveils a revamped YouTube TV app, offering a minimized playback window for enhanced multitasking and access to additional features, catering to the growing trend of connected TV viewing.

youtube TV app screenshot
Credit: YouTube


Predictions for digital connection: Meta outlines predictions for the next stage of digital connection, emphasizing VR, AR, and personalized AI-driven experiences, highlighting the company’s commitment to building the metaverse and enhancing connectivity.

Advantage+ and Shopping Ads updates: Meta introduces various ad updates aimed at retailers, including creative optimizations, catalog ads enhancements, and integration with eCommerce platforms, enhancing advertising capabilities and driving sales.

meta ads screenshot


API testing and new features: Threads begins live testing its API with selected partners, enabling features like post scheduling, signaling a potential expansion of engagement options within the platform.

Drafts and in-stream camera: Threads rolls out new features allowing users to save drafts and capture photos in-stream, providing additional flexibility and functionality for content creation.

threads camera in stream screenshot
Credit: Threads


Challenges and decline: BeReal faces challenges in user growth and funding, highlighting the volatility of trending social apps and the difficulty in sustaining long-term success without clear monetization pathways.

bereal features screenshot
Credit: BeReal

Staying informed about platform updates is essential for navigating the dynamic world of social media marketing and influencer engagement.

By leveraging these latest features and trends, businesses and creators can optimize their strategies and stay ahead of the competition in reaching and engaging with their audiences.

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