TikTok trends report – January 2024

Your monthly roundup of the biggest trends on TikTok
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What do Ryan Gosling, fake laughing and Sundays have in common?

Well, they all formed the leading trends on TikTok in January, drawing in swathes of likes and new followers for creators around the world.

If you’re looking to get ahead for February but feel you’ve not had the time to analyse January yet, then don’t panic.

Vamp has put together a guide of some of the trends and hashtags that kept users glued to TikTok this month. 

#MyType trend

@judetrent1 You and Trent my type 😫🫶🏽 #husbandwife #judebellingham #jUdebellinghamedit #bellingham #trent #trentalexanderarnold #alexanderarnold #trentarnold #trentalexanderarnoldedit #arnold #englandfootball #Uk #liverpoolfc #halamadrid #realmadrid #ronaldo #cr7 #spain #greenscreen #football #footballtiktok #footballplayer #futbol #cute #boys #bestfriend #2023 #smash #fashion #fashiontiktok #fashionpost #trending #dancewithpubgm #viral #fyp #explorepage #foryou #foru #vspedit #vsp #velocity #velocityedit #family #Love #mom #cute #CapCut #funny #meme #vs ♬ My Type – Saweetie

What is it?

As self-explanatory as the hashtag suggests, TikTok users have been sharing clips of the people who have left them thirsting.

Conventional crushes like Michael B. Jordan and Cillian Murphy make predictable appearances, along with lists of character traits.

There is also room for Saltburn heartthrob Jacob Elordi (of course there is).

But the trend has been used creatively too.

In one post, which has been liked by almost 370,000 people, the song is played over a string of images showing red flags. 

Witty comments underneath include “such nice green flags” and “that’s not my type that’s me”.

But the trend branches out to other sectors as well, including film and music.

Why is it trending?

People rarely need an excuse to indulge in their celebrity crushes, so it’s little wonder this trend took off.

According to TikTok’s trends hub, the hashtag has drawn 11million views in the past 30 days in the UK, sitting in the top 60 trends from the same time period.

It’s clearly a versatile trend you can apply to just about any area you have a preference in.

Who should jump on?

For brands especially, there’s a potential chance here to present your product as a consumer’s “type”.

Perhaps it’s a winter clothing trend potential customers could be latching onto, a brand new coffee machine or household item.

For influencers, it might be a lifestyle hack you’re passionate about or a secret hotspot tourists should be going to.

Whatever it might be, there is creative fun to be had with this hashtag and it may just make February your type of month.

Are you an influencer new to the game, or just looking for new ideas? You can find more on TikTok influencer marketing with Vamp here.

Confused Ryan Gosling trend

@inamuchmorerealsense email? I don’t know her #ryangosling #criticschoiceawards #confused #confusedreaction #reaction #confusedmeme #ryangoslingmeme #relatable #spinningwheel #Meme #MemeCut ♬ original sound – justicebeaver

What is it?

It was one of those moments you knew would be a meme before it was even over.

The scene is Barbie hunk Ryan Gosling at the Critics Choice Award, shortly after I’m Just Ken wins Best Song award.

Applause erupts around him but Gosling simply looks perplexed, his eyes rolling to the side as the camera zooms in on him.

The internet wasted little time in repurposing Gosling’s reaction into memes on TikTok.

One shared the backdrop of an office with Gosling’s reaction, writing: “Outlook searching for emails like.”

Another wrote: “When it’s been 10mins and you haven’t heard any fighting or noise from the kids.”

And another added: “When someone tells you 2024 is going to be YOUR year but you lived through 2020, 2021, 2022 ans 2023.”

Why is it trending?

With precise articulation, one viewer wrote at the time: “I can already smell the memes.” 

Mix together one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, one of 2023’s biggest silver screen hits and some obvious body language and you get all the ingredients for a meme.

Confusion is a near constant existence for many in 2024, so it’s little wonder TikTok users are having fun bringing their own experiences to the table.

With Gosling so recognisable and Barbie still firmly in the collective conscience, don’t expect this trend to run out of steam any time soon.

Who should jump on?

For brands, this could be a potentially brilliant chance to divert people to the problem-solving products you’re advertising.

Suppose you want people to download your app which promises to fix a headache.

Portray that headache with a confused Gosling, and you’ll likely instantly catch the attention of viewers.

Alternatively, you may be a brand selling high-quality coffee or wine.

You may wish to share a confused Gosling with the words: “When you sip coffee that isn’t our new product.”

Or if you’re an influencer, don’t hesitate to experiment with a meme raising smiles on TikTik in January.

Keen to learn more about advertising on social media? You can find Vamp’s guide to TikTok advertising here.


@paytonmey ive truly found that living in a clutter free home has significantly reduced my anxiety. Does anyone else feel this way? #sundayreset #sundayroutine #lifestyle #dailyvlog #cleangirl #cleantok #aestheticapartment #morningroutine #resetroutine #cleanwithme #vlog ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

What is it?

As of January 30, new hashtag #SundayReset was the 4th most popular on TikTok in the past seven days with 15million views.

The trend centres around home improvement ideas, fit with hacks and nice ideas to freshen up the home.

Influencer Kaeli Mae, who knows a thing or two about trends with 14.8million followers to her name, shared a 1.55 minute video of herself cleaning her flat.

We are taken to her living room, where the sofa is carefully cleaned and restructured, the coffee table is immaculately reorganised and fragrance sprayed into the air.

There’s also some hoovering on the dog basket for her very grateful pet. If this all sounds mundane, then don’t be fooled. It’s a dreamy sequence with 315,000 likes so far.

But the trend doesn’t just stop at home cleaning, it’s full of lifestyle hacks including meditation, food and simply getting prepared for Monday.

Why is it trending?

Sunday is a well-deserved day of rest after a hard week, be it in the form of roast dinners, lazy afternoons in front of the TV or hot chocolate.

But there’s no shame in using Sundays for productivity too, as the surging popularity of this trend suggests.

TikTok viewers are responding well to suggestions on how to get ahead in time for Monday, and if you’re an influencer who can provide quality information on how to achieve that, you’ll undoubtedly be earning yourself a well-deserved Sunday off.

Who should jump on?

For influencers who focus on lifestyle, this trend is a potential goldmine.

It is high on the TikTok charts despite being in its infancy, so don’t bet against this surging even further in popularity.

Get in earlier by experimenting with new ideas and you’ll be well ahead of the game.

Perhaps you’re a lifestyle influencer who specialises in yoga and meditation, tying your techniques into the relaxing vibes of a Sunday could be a big opportunity.

Or perhaps you specialise in food, this could be an opportunity to offer up your thoughts on preparing meals for the week ahead, fit with your recipes.

On a different, but very important note, it’s more essential than ever to stay safe online. You can see Vamp’s guide to TikTok safety features here


@hazelgrayye January dump>> want this template? click the Capcut logo or anchor below @CapCut Philippines #januarydump #CapCut #trending #januarydump #januaryrecap #recap #dump #memoriesinjanuary #january2024 #fyppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp #viral #flex #capcutph #2024 #memories #dump ♬ original sound – Hazel Gray – HazelGrayye🧴

What is it?

Another new one to the TikTok charts, #JanuaryDump dispels the myth that the year’s opening month is nothing but a misery fest.

Users have been sharing the highlights of their months, from the cutting-edge clothes they’ve been wearing to the travel hotspots they jetted off to.

A search into TikTok takes us to pristine, golden beaches, music festivals, dinner parties and restaurants.

There are also photo templates available to download through CapCut, should you wish to display numerous snaps in one go. 

Why is it trending?

January is often a month associated with achievement, so it’s little wonder creators have seen an opportunity to flaunt their progress.

Its popularity likely stems from how versatile it is, with people up to various things across the year’s opening month.

It may also have been seen as a chance to go against the grain a little.

Think of January and “quiet” is a typical adjective, but the TikTok trend proves it’s been anything but for content creators.

Who should jump on?

For brands and influencers, there could be an excellent chance here to resurface content that perhaps fell under the radar earlier in the month.

Did a snap of a lavish new product you were selling miss TikTok’s algorithm? Or perhaps a new gym workout failed to land when you felt it should have?

This may be a fresh opportunity to try again without spamming viewers.

Also, it’s rarely a bad idea to prove to subscribers that you continue to be at the top of your game.

Suppose a subscriber logs back into TikTok for the first time in weeks, it would serve your brand very well for them to come across a compilation of a month’s work.

While we’re on the subject, cracking TikTok’s algorithm takes patience, time and knowledge. Vamp is here to help with our guide to TikTok algorithm

Fake laughing trend

@pionwan ၽႂ်ၶူဝ်တူၵ်းငရၢႆးၼ🤣🤣#fypရောက်ချင်းတဲ့နေရာရောက်👌 #ဆယ်လီမှအသဲပေးတာလား🥺 ♬ မူရင်းအသံ – เณร เอก.👶🥀(AW / LK) – ပီႈဢွၼ်ႇဝၼ်း(AW / LK)

What is it?

TikTok content creators have been sharing images of themselves with a serious face, before transforming their expressions along with this sound of fake laughing.

Many videos are drawing hundreds of thousands of likes with the help of CapCut technology.

And it doesn’t stop at people editing pictures of themselves, with footballers and film stars falling target to the trend.  

Why is it trending?

We’d be lying if we said we knew exactly why, but we’re willing to guess it has something to do with TikTok creators and viewers having a lot of fun.

In one example, a posing man is seen taking a selfie next to a gorgeous sunset, before his face transforms into a cartoon-like portrayal, fit with the fake laughing sound. 

One wrote underneath: “I laugh every time I see one of these.”

Who should jump on?

On TikTok, where there is fun, there is opportunity.

The fake laughing trend has been among the most popular this year so far, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to experiment.

Perhaps you can identify an area of life people are finding frustrating, with technology or dating being two examples.

Through fake laughing, you can divert them to your area of expertise. And if you’re among those being rewarded with millions of views, you’ll certainly be having the last laugh.

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