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Vamp helps customers manage creator marketing campaigns with an end-to-end suite of marketing tools. From creator sourcing and content planning, integrated campaign workflows, contracting and ROI reporting, we make creator collaborations easy.
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Complete lifecycle marketing

Unify all stages of creator campaign management
The Vamp platform automates a number of complex interactions with creators into a single console, eliminating the need for tracking actions on spreadsheets, chasing down creators, or facilitating manual content approvals. We’ve simplified getting started down to 3 simple stages and everything flows from there:

Campaign Calculator

Get an estimate of your campaign’s performance based on your objectives and social channels.


Define your campaign aesthetic and filter options best aligned to your brand.

Content Planner

Design your brief, set your parameters and let the creator talent come to you.
“We work with Vamp to increase our brand awareness and sales by showcasing our most relevant product to our target audience with a consistent and timely approach.”
Stefanie Hutton, Head of PR

Trusted and verified

Your reputation is important to us, and so is ours.

Vamp’s creator community is invite-only, which includes an audience authentication process as part of our pre-vetting. As a Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube marketing partner, we’re able to do profile verification and detect suspect activity in real-time for additional peace of mind.

“The Vamp team have been a pleasure to work with, and the Vamp platform is really user friendly. We are thrilled with the results gained from the latest Spring campaign, particularly the boosting aspect of this project.”
Ilana Grossmark, EU PR & Social Media Manager

Dynamic pricing

Making campaign spend more cost-effective
We use dynamic pricing to ensure you’re always charged a fair rate. Our algorithm evaluates a number of supply and demand parameters to determine the best creator fee. Contracting, invoicing, and automated payments all come as standard.

Powerful tracking

Take the guesswork out of ROI reporting
Access to real-time performance data gives you line of sight into aggregated campaign results, with the ability to deep dive into metrics for a specific channel or creator, as well as closed-loop sales tracking for eCommerce.
“After working with Vamp, it’s easy to see why they’re regarded as the leading influencer and content marketing platform.”
Leigh Counsell, Social Media Manager

Flexible deployment options​

Award winning technology backed by operational excellence
Customers can choose between Vamp’s flexible pay-as-you-go solution, to run their own campaigns using all the capabilities of the Vamp platform. Customers seeking a more turn-key solution can choose from a selection of subscription-based service plans.

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