Until we All Belong: Airbnb marriage equality mission

Until we All Belong: our campaign with Airbnb
Vamp x Marriage equality mission

In Solidarity with Airbnb’s marriage equality mission


Vamp x Marriage equality

On Sunday, in support of Airbnb’s Marriage equality mission, a group of Vamp Collective members met up in Sydney to shoot photos and videos of the Acceptance Ring. All six of them shared their gathering on their Instagram Stories and collaborated together to create some great content for them to share the message on social.

Vamp caught up with these Influencers after their solidarity meet-up to ask them why marriage equality was important for them and what people, brands and Influencers alike, can do to show their support for this social mission.

You can find out more about how you can get involved with the Until We All Belong campaign here.


Vamp x Marriage equality mission


Vamp x Marriage equality mission


Vamp x Marriage equality

Image created for Vamp x Le Petit Rosé campaign

“Thank you to the Vamp team for getting on board with Airbnb and to the amazing people getting behind the campaign. This campaign really affects me as my partner and I have been together for 3 1/2 years and we are unable to get married in my country, Australia, the country we call home. Honestly it is so important to have the recognition that my love is just love, and to show others, that piece of paper is just a piece of paper. Obviously there is still a gap in marriage equality that we haven’t been able to bridge and that is why it is so important that influencers and brands come out in support of marriage equality, to keep this conversation happening and put pressure on Canberra to recognise and embrace equality.”

– Christopher Hayes, Vamp Collective Influencer


“I thank Airbnb for the opportunity to speak out and stand for something that affects me and so many others.”

Vamp x Marriage equality mission aImage created for Vamp x ASOS campaign


This entire campaign is a hugely important message. I think this helps a lot of people who believe in what’s being said and shared, the chance to show that they care. I’ve seen friends share the ring across my Facebook feeds, the word and message is going around. That’s the power that brands and influencers have! Utilizing their customer base as a way to send out a kind, human hand in helping raise more awareness to an issue.


Australia is quite a young nation when you think about it, we were “discovered” somewhat 200 years ago, and don’t have medieval history – that’s not to discredit the rich and incredible aboriginal history we should be celebrating, as they are the original owners of this land have been for tens of thousands of years. But for such a young country we are SO old in our ways.


Personally, marriage isn’t for me. However, who am I not to speak for my beautiful and fabulous friends who can’t marry from this law. And who am I not to speak for the person I may be in two or three years from now? This may not affect you directly right here in this moment, but think about someone close to you that it may. This is a showcase and celebration of love, nothing else. And if you ask me, that’s exactly what this world needs right now. A whole lotta love.


I wear this ring not only with marriage equality in mind, but for eternal equality everywhere. Spread love, not hate.

Vamp x Marriage equality mission

Image created by @humaninsydney

Vamp x Marriage equality mission

Image created for Vamp  x Uniqlo campaign 


“Marriage is a commitment shared between two people that love each other and see a secure future together. I believe LGBTI Australians should be able to love, commit, be happy and have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Nowadays brands and influencers are really having an incredible effect on people’s lives. If we get the message across to all the people we connect with it’s just a matter of time before marriage equality becomes legalised.”

– Chris Haines, Vamp Collective Influencer


Vamp x Marriage equality mission

Image created for Vamp x Uniqlo campaign


“I believe in fairytales. I believe in happy endings. I know life isn’t a Disney movie and we don’t all end up finding “the one”, but for everyone that does I do believe there should be a wedding to celebrate love. I believe in marriage equality because to fall in love is such a beautiful thing, it’s hard work but it brings so much joy.

As a little girl you dream of your wedding day, the pretty dress and spending a life with someone who loves you. Whether that little girl marries and man or woman, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. It’s the same for men too. I couldn’t imagine a life where I wasn’t allowed by law to marry the man I love, it would be devastating. So why are we stopping others?

Talking about marriage equality is the best way for others to show their support. The more it’s spoken about, the more aware people are and the more we say yes to the idea, the more chances we have of making it happen! Share that cute photo on Facebook of two men getting married, two women getting married, same sex parents winning in the parenting world. These photos should be so normal and the more we see them the more normal they become. Buy an equality ring, it’s so simple, such a little thing, but something you can wear to show your support. We’re all human, we all love.”

– Alana Q, Vamp Collective Influencer


Vamp x Marriage equality mission

Image created for Vamp x Vodafone campaign


“Well, sometimes it can be kinda difficult for people to show support for marriage equality. But hopefully we all, whatever our age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. can inspire people to walk away from fear and look at same-sex marriage in a fair way.

Just like me, though I’m not gay nor lesbian, I have a lot of friends from the LGBT community. Sometimes they are afraid to say that. As a Content Creator/Influencer or a brand which has tons of exposure, it would be powerful if we could all show our support for marriage equality. In this case, hopefully more people get a chance to face the same sex marriage question directly. I hope the impact of brands and Influencers could help to change the current situation a bit.”

– Eric Yang, Vamp Collective Influencer


Vamp x Marriage equality mission

Image created for Vamp x eBay campaign


“Marriage equality is important to me because every person should be able to feel equality in every sense. Not just in their race but also in how they choose to love.

It is so important for brands and influencers to stand together in unity and support marriage equality as it sets an example to society of how we should all be forward in thinking and unite together to show support to an issue that is clearly evident and sadly not fully supported in society yet.”

– Mandy Effendi, Vamp Collective Influencer


Vamp x Marriage equality mission