How creators can help drive differentiation during seasonal sales periods

Primark wanted to build awareness and drive shopper intent around their Back to School range, aiming to stand out in a crowded market during a key seasonal moment
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The campaign brief focused on promoting Primark’s Back to School ’22 range.

In addition to driving awareness and engagement among their target audience of parents, the campaign aimed to show the diverse product selection available.

primark back to school campaign

The strategy

Standing out from competitors is essential for any retailer wanting to drive sales during a key seasonal moment. Primark decided to use the power of influencer marketing to create visibility of the range, and be top of mind during purchase decision making

Once the decision to work with a broad-range of parenting creators was made, the brand applied a single-channel promotional strategy, focusing their advertising spend and creator effort on their target audience’s favourite channel — Instagram.

For the brand, it was also essential to raise awareness of the existence of the range, to help build mindshare among households with school-aged children in need.

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The outcomes

The brand’s decision to focus on choosing creators who were well-known influencers among the parenting demographic, made for a highly targeted campaign approach. These creators had already achieved popularity among the targeted audience on Instagram, which helped boost content engagement results and drive intent.

Several user comments left across creator-generated content highlighted the lack of awareness of Primary’s range, fulfilling one of the primary objections of the campaign, which was to raise awareness.

Overall, 13 individual content posts were created. When accounting for carousel content (which included multiple images), a total of 44 content assets were produced, resulting in 31 pieces of bonus content for the brand.


  • Influencers: 20
  • Impressions: 159.2k
  • Reach: 260.8k
  • Engagements: 20.4k
  • Engagement rate: 8.2%

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