Why brands should leave room for reactive creator marketing

Learn how Sanitarium amplified the overnight Weet-Bix trend with Vamp creators.


When done correctly, reactive creator marketing has the power to drive staggering awareness and conversion results. Here’s how.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, ‘reactive creator marketing’ refers to creator campaigns that tap into current social media trends, cultural moments, or trending news stories. It allows brands to leverage popular hype to boost the performance and relevance of campaigns.

Collaborating with creators to activate current social trends is a great way to engage your audience and drive them to take action, increase your brand’s relevance within the space, and make your brand stand out from competitors.

For example, skincare brand, @vitamasques recently collaborated with popular US-based TikTok creator, @julianburzynski to jump on the Euphoria-inspired ‘Cassie’s morning routine’ trend. This scored Vitamasques a viral TikTok video with over 5.4M views and 1.5M likes.

In fact, 77% of TikTok users like it when brands use trends, memes, or challenges on TikTok, while 83% say that seeing trending content has inspired them to make a purchase.

Social media trends evolve extremely quickly—especially on TikTok. The most successful brands that capitalise on social hype are those that have provisioned budgets to utilise for reactive marketing opportunities, and are able to source and brief creators quickly through trusted platforms.

@julianburzynski CASSIE MORNING ROUTINE/ @VITAMASQUES now available at @target #euphoria #sydneysweeney #vitamasques ♬ original sound - Julian Burzynski

How Vamp can help your brand react when needed

Reactiveness isn’t always easy for brands who need time to source brand-safe creators and brief them before the social trend loses momentum. Within hours of drafting your campaign specifics and submitting it through Vamp’s briefing form, you can have your campaign moderated by our team and sent out to thousands of pre-vetted creators to activate interest.

This is exactly how Australian food retailer Sanitarium achieved over 5.7 million video views when they jumped on the opportunity presented by reactive creator marketing.

Amplifying the overnight Weet-Bix trend

One of the most recent viral food trends to emerge on social media is the overnight Weet-Bix hack. Inspired by the overnight-oats trend, foodies all over social were creating delicious and time-saving overnight Weet-Bix recipes to inspire their audiences. Many of these went viral.

Sanitarium, the Australian brand who owns Weet-Bix, saw the potential to jump on the organically-formulated trend and partnered with Vamp creators to further amplify it. Here’s how it went.


Sanitarium wanted to magnify the existing overnight Weet-Bix trend to drive product awareness among TikTok users.

The turnaround time was short, so the brand needed to engage a suite of creators to generate high-quality and on-trend video content in a short time frame.


Sanitarium used Vamp’s platform to generate pre-approved overnight Weet-Bix recipes from nine Aussie foodie creators who created tutorial-style TikTok videos. The selected creators authentically aligned with the brand’s desire to keep an organic feel to the trend.

Utilising the survey functionality of the Vamp platform, creators were able to select a Sanitarium pre-approved recipe or suggest their own.

Then using the creator’s audience data surfaced through our partnership with TikTok, the brand was able to ensure they were collaborating with creators who could meet their campaign objectives.


"Using the Vamp platform significantly reduced the amount of time needed to source high quality influencers with an audience aligned to our brand. This made it much easier to develop and publish content in a timely manner to help us take advantage of a trend that was fast building momentum in people’s feeds.

Dora Yu, Social Media Manager, Weet-Bix

This reactive creator marketing campaign proved effective at amplifying the overnight Weet-Bix trend across TikTok and driving product awareness for Sanitarium.

We generated over 5.7M organic video views and over 162.9k engagements for Sanitarium, along with 9 high-quality branded video assets that the brand can re-purpose across multiple marketing channels.

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