The pandemic sky-rocketed consumer demand for constant entertainment.

We binge-watched streaming channels, consumed music and podcasts, and read more books than ever before. Our desire to fight the boredom that came with lockdowns saw subscriptions and sales boom across the entertainment industry.

Online video subscriptions soared 26% to 1.1 billion in 2020. In 2020 and 2021, Netflix added 54.6 million subscribers globally. And in the UK, 12 million people joined a streaming service they hadn’t used previously.

Book sales also saw similar growth, as many rediscovered their love of literature. Despite bookshops in the UK being closed for the majority of 2020, over 200 million books were sold that year – the highest since 2012. Many went digital, with ebook sales soaring 24% and audiobook downloads rising by 37%.

As for blasting the tunes to beat our COVID blues, music streaming in the UK shot up by 20%, while subscriptions hit 80 million for the first time ever.

Social’s direct impact on our entertainment habits

From what TV series to binge, to the movies we stream, the books we read, and the music we listen to, social media affects our thinking, behaviours, and decision-making. It also impacts how consumers share their opinions and how the entertainment industry responds to consumer feedback.

Content creators are at the forefront of curating our playlists for what shows, movies, books, and songs become popular. They create the trends around the latest and greatest pieces of entertainment, and consumers actively turn to them for their honest opinions, recommendations, and reviews.

Below, we’re breaking down how each entertainment category has been impacted by social media and influential content creators.

The television and movie industry

Studies have shown that social media has a direct impact on the popularity of films and television shows.

Platforms such as TikTok are especially powerful, as they hero trends and allow users to interact with their fave shows and movies in a completely unique way. For example, the Netflix show Bridgerton had widespread exposure on TikTok. This success was then followed up by TikTok creators producing ‘Bridgerton the Musical’, composing unique songs inspired by the hit show. This is an example that highlights how powerful social media is at influencing behaviours, while also demonstrating how users interact with entertainment they love.

And who could forget the virality of shows like Tiger King, Squid Game, and Euphoria? These shows were released on different streaming platforms and gained huge popularity thanks to the social trends that emerged shortly after. Take Euphoria’s, Cassie’s morning routine trend for example. Beauty creators were using this line out of the popular TV series to share their extensive morning routines.

During the pandemic when theatres were closed, streaming services had to premiere new films directly on their platform. For example, Disney funnelled movies such as Hamilton and Soul directly to its Disney+ platform. Because of this, streaming services now heavily rely on the hype social media users and creators produce around new shows and movies in order to drive up streams.

The impact of social media and content creators on the entertainment industry

The publishing industry

Thanks to social media, “being a bookworm is officially back in style”. #BookTok is a popular trending hashtag on TikTok (51.6B views and counting) that has dictated which books people should consider reading at any given time.

Originally created by ‘bookfluencers’, BookTok has turned into a wider TikTok community where book lovers around the globe share their aesthetically pleasing bookshelves and must-read recommendations.

Bookstores have since realised the selling power of TikTok (look no further than the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt phenomenon) and many now create in-store ‘As seen on #BookTok’ displays or ‘BookTok’ collections on ecommerce sites.

The recent rise in book sales can also be attributed to the virality of BookTok. Madeline Miller’s, “The Song of Achilles” recently became a #1 New York Times Bestseller, a decade after it was first published in 2011, thanks to the hype it generated across TikTok. This shows just how influential social media and ‘bookfluencers’ can be.

The music industry

TikTok and Reels have a direct impact on global music charts and how streaming platforms serve listeners new songs and playlists. 

Trending TikTok and Reels songs, no matter their release date, are finding new fans.

Who could forget the legendary skateboarding, Ocean Spray chugging 420doggface208, who chose Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams as the soundtrack to his viral TikTok? The band was back in Billboard’s top 10 in weeks, with an album released decades before

Aspiring artists know that having a trending song on social media can be huge. As streaming services create playlists of trending songs, it has helped propel the careers of artists like Lil Nars X, Olivia Rodrigo, and Doja Cat. In May 2021 we even saw TikTok unexpectedly skyrocket a song from the Nickelodeon kid show, The Backyardigans to the top of a Spotify chart.

Studies also show that TikTok drives consumer action, making it a powerful platform for music streaming services. In fact, 67% of TikTokers are more likely to seek out songs on music-streaming services that they discovered on the short-form video platform.

The impact of social media and content creators on the entertainment industry

Best practices in action 

Vamp has partnered with a number of brands and services within the entertainment industry. We’ve been able to help them achieve social success by engaging our invite-only community of creators. Here’s a sneak peek into three of our recent high-performing entertainment campaigns.

Leveraging the power of ASMR for Paramount Pictures

When Paramount Pictures needed to execute a successful creator marketing campaign to promote the release of A Quiet Place 2, the movie studio turned to Vamp. 

15 Vamp creators were selected and gifted a box of ASMR props to create engaging video content. Creators were encouraged to produce creative videos that would bring the film’s suspenseful theme to life and generate excitement amongst their audience.

Vamp then executed a paid media campaign to generate further reach and awareness. By boosting the organic creator content, our paid media campaign achieved over 181K+ impressions, a cost-effective CPE of $0.02, and a benchmark-beating engagement rate of 12.7% (compared to the industry average of 0.95%).

Achieving strong organic reach for Disney+

Vamp recently partnered with Disney+ in Japan to promote the launch of Marvel’s mini-series, Hawkeye. 

10 Japanese Vamp creators were invited to a Disney+ event, where they were tasked to shoot in-feed Instagram content to drive awareness and hype around Hawkeye’s release. 

This influencer marketing campaign achieved impressive organic results for the streaming service, including 126K+ impressions, 8.6K+ post engagements, and a strong engagement rate of 2.4%.

The impact of social media and content creators on the entertainment industry

Driving cost-effective engagement for Netflix

Netflix recently collaborated with Vamp creators to raise awareness, drive traffic and boost engagement around the release of the Fear Street Trilogy.

Creator’s organic Instagram content encouraged audiences to have a movie night in, and made it feel like they were missing out if they didn’t watch Fear Street. Vamp then boosted the highest-performing posts to further drive engagement and brand awareness.

Together, the influencer and paid media campaign achieved a whopping 863K+ impressions, 307K+ engagements, a cost-effective paid CPE of $0.02 and 795 link clicks. 

The impact of social media and content creators on the entertainment industry

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