Driving conversions through creativity

How Russell & Bromley drove conversions through high-quality creator-driven traffic
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Russell & Bromley wanted to drive demand for their new Spring collection, teaming up with 21 Vamp creators for promotional purposes.

Russell & Bromley handed over creative control to the creators, resulting in a diverse set of assets that resonated with their target 25-34 demographic. The strong content engagement converted into intent, with 25.2k users clicking through to the website at an excellent CPC below industry benchmarks.

The brief 

The focus of the campaign was to showcase the Spring collection of Russell & Bromley footwear and accessories. The brief was kept deliberately loose to give Vamp creators the freedom to interpret the brief, with the main goals of driving awareness and creating engagement in the form of website traffic.

The strategy

Russell & Bromley recruited a diverse squad of creator talent and the brief was kept flexible to allow creators to choose products aligned to the style and aesthetic of their feed. Self-expression was encouraged, which led to a range of formats, styles, and aesthetic approaches being adopted.

The paid performance aspect of the strategy was the critical part of the campaign. High impact content was repurposed for paid media to retarget lookalike audiences. The brand nurtured user interest in their content to convert engagement into purchase intent on their website.

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The outcomes

A departure from the strategy applied to previous campaigns, the shift towards focusing on driving top-mid funnel objectives resulted in the most cost-effective CPM and CPE achieved across all Vamp campaigns to date.

Top-performing organic content was repurposed as boosted media ads, driving engagement rates 22x higher than industry benchmarks. The 25-34 audience demographic generated 66% of engagements and 55% of link clicks to the Russell & Bromley website.


  • Creators: 21
  • Content pieces: 45
  • Impressions: 452k
  • Reach: 408k
  • Engagements: 29.8k
  • Engagement rate: 14.3%

Paid-media boosting

  • Impressions: 1.9M
  • Unique reach: 721.4k 
  • Engagements: 63.3k 
  • Engagement rate: 8.8%
    (22x higher than industry benchmark) 
  • CPC: £0.22
    (2.4x cheaper than industry benchmark)

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The Lessons

#1 Flexible product choice

Giving creators the freedom to creatively express themselves was key to this campaign. The brand treated the creators as individuals, recognising that not every product within the lookbook would align with a specific creator’s aesthetic.

The flexibility to choose product placements increased the likelihood of the content resonating with the creator’s audience, whilst also ensuring content was cohesive to a specific ‘look’.

#2 Use different formats

The most successful influencer campaigns are the ones where there’s lots of content cross-over with different formats.

When you recruit a collective, each creator will naturally bring their own creative strengths, and showcase the brand to their best ability, using a range of creative disciplines.

What this means for brands, is they end up with a spread of assets that keep the campaign fresh and dynamic, as well as the ability to experiment with different formats across different channels.

#3 Extract more value

Creator content drives better engagement. Creators know and understand their audience, and are skilled at activating content on their social media channels of choice better than anyone.

With high performing content, the best way to get additional value out of your creator investment is by further amplifying the content on paid channels.

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