Saudi Arabian food retailer Tamimi Markets partners with Vamp to achieve 3.5M+ reach

Discover the creator strategy we used to achieve millions of impressions and benchmark-beating results for Tamimi Markets.
Saudi Arabian food retailer Tamimi Markets partners with Vamp to achieve 3.5M+ reach

Tamimi Markets recently collaborated with Vamp creators, who have a high percentage of Saudi-based followers, to drive hyper-local interest in their loyalty program.


Last year, Vamp expanded our presence into the Saudi market. When the Tamimi Group–home to one of the best-known supermarket chains in Saudi Arabia–wanted to engage with local audiences through influencer marketing, we were able to make it easier than ever to connect the team to Vamp’s Saudi-based creators and their audiences.

Saudi Arabian creators tend to have a much higher percentage of local followers when compared to the global average. Generally speaking, when we look at creator trends from the Middle East region, we’ve found that UAE-based creators will have an average of between 20-30% local following, while Saudi Arabian creators will have local audiences upwards of 50-60%. This is great news for brands looking to reach Saudi consumers, and are interested in working with local creators.

Keep reading to find out how we helped the retailer achieve over 3.5 million Instagram impressions on a recent Vamp campaign.




Tamimi Markets wanted to drive awareness and engagement around their promotional Nissan X-Trail grand prize offering, educate customers on how to enter the prize draw using their ‘Tamimi Rewards’ app, and create an uplift in app downloads.

Key to their influencer marketing strategy, Tamimi Markets wanted to use creators to fulfill a number of objectives such as; market the in-store shopping experience including store-based promotional offers and product selection to drive foot-fall, highlight the benefits of the ‘Tamimi Rewards’ app to increase app downloads, and maximise the campaign’s audience penetration to increase competition entries.



Vamp engaged a squad of seven Saudi Arabian ‘mumfluencers’ to reach local mothers on social media, who were most likely to shop at the supermarket, and would be interested in winning a new Nissan X-Trail vehicle.


Phase 1

Our creators were tasked with creating engaging and eye-catching Instagram Stories and Reels content that succinctly showcased the competition entry process. 

Using the ‘Tamimi Rewards’ app, creators had to visit their local Tamimi Markets, scan the barcode in-store and highlight how easy it was for customers to enter to win the Nissan X-Trail.


Phase 2 

To maximise audience penetration, app downloads, and competition entries, Vamp boosted the best performing organic creator content.

This paid media strategy allowed Tamimi Markets to target specific audiences, drive mass awareness and engagement, encourage customers to visit their local Tamimi Market store, and download the brand’s rewards app.





Locally-made video content, combined with a targeted paid media strategy, proved highly effective in engaging Instagram users and driving them to action. 

The boosting strategy achieved a 28.8% engagement rate (29x higher than the platform benchmark) driven by effective video content across Story placements. We also drove over 4.1k potential customers to the brand’s social profile, building consideration amongst new shoppers.


Additional results: 

  • 3.5M+ total impressions, reaching social users within their target audience.
  • 264.5k+ total consumers engaged to retarget in future activity.
  • $0.02 cost per engagement, a strong and cost-effective result. 
  • 800k total consumers reached.


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