Flight Centre: Maximizing reach & engagement through competition activation

Flight Centre partnered with Vamp to harness influencer power to turn dream vacations into reality.
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Flight Centre & Vamp partnered to promote a buy-to-win contest, engaging 22 creators to showcase wanderlust and drive competition entries.

Flight Centre harnessed mid-mega creators to craft aspirational travel content, seamlessly integrating with their profiles. Organic content success was leveraged as paid ads, tapping into creators’ authenticity for targeted reach and remarkable engagement.

The strategy 

In the digital era, Flight Centre embarked on an impactful influencer marketing journey with Vamp. The campaign aimed to generate awareness and entries for their buy-to-win contest. Leveraging Vamp’s platform, 22 creators were simultaneously sourced and briefed across social media. The strategy involved harnessing influencers’ charm to spark wanderlust, engage followers, and amplify the competition’s impact.

Flight Centre’s methodical approach was crucial. Collaborating with mid to mega-tier creators, they harnessed their wide reach and authenticity. Creators crafted aspirational content resonating with their audience’s wanderlust, driving competition participation for a vacation prize. Aligned with creators’ style, the content seamlessly integrated into their profiles.

The brilliance unfolded as top-performing organic content became potent paid ads, honing outreach. Focusing on lifestyle and travel-focused creators, the campaign evoked emotions with visually enticing content. This strategic choice fostered viewer connections, enhancing engagement and conversion potential.

The campaign’s success owed much to Flight Centre’s insightful approach. Rather than overt competition promotion, they leveraged influencers’ reach and engagement organically. This tapped into creators’ genuine follower bonds, offering value—a chance to win a dream vacation. This harmoniously melded with creators’ narratives, merging promotion with aspirational travel essence.

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The outcomes

The campaign’s triumph rested on creativity, authenticity, and Vamp’s platform. By harmonizing travel influencers’ voices, Flight Centre seamlessly integrated its competition into audiences’ minds. The influencers’ unique travel narratives resonated, inspiring action.

Vamp’s unified platform streamlined influencer sourcing, content creation, and performance tracking, replacing scattered processes. Flight Centre’s savvy creator choices, coupled with TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube partnerships, amplified impact.

In summary, Flight Centre’s Vamp-driven influencer campaign showcases the potential of precise, authentic collaboration. Stellar outcomes affirm the blend of storytelling, strategic creators, and Vamp’s efficient platform.

The results

  • Creators: 22
  • Reach: 241,497
  • Impressions: 211, 322
  • Total interactions: 15,816
  • Avg engagement rate: 9%

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