Hilton activate creators to boost campaign impact 

Hilton wanted to amplify their "Hilton. For The Stay" campaign
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Sometimes influencer marketing takes centre stage. Other times, it’s the perfect supporting role. 

Hilton wanted to amplify their “Hilton. For The Stay” campaign through diverse creators, showcasing authentic experiences & engaging storytelling to drive traffic to their landing page.

The approach

Hilton partnered with Vamp, using creators to amplify the “For The Stay” campaign, aiming for resonance in APAC. Vamp’s platform allowed creator connection, simultaneous tasks, and authentic storytelling. Creators showcased genuine Hilton experiences, personal passions, and the significance of ‘The Stay,’ amplifying Hilton’s messaging.

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The strategy

Hilton sought to transform their marketing campaign, “Hilton. For The Stay,” into an immersive experience for their target audience. Recognizing the power of influencer storytelling, Hilton collaborated with Vamp to harness the creative prowess of handpicked influencers. This strategy aimed to evoke emotional resonance through authentic narratives, ultimately reinforcing the message that “It Matters Where You Stay.”

The campaign’s success was anchored in its comprehensive approach. Hilton capitalized on Vamp’s platform to streamline influencer collaborations, avoiding the inefficiencies of disjointed communication. By allowing influencers creative freedom, Hilton ensured that the content felt organic and relatable.

The emphasis on storytelling injected life into the campaign, compelling audiences to connect with ‘The Stay’ on a personal level. Hilton’s focus on authenticity and meaningful narratives allowed them to stand out in a crowded social media landscape, successfully elevating their brand’s cultural significance.

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The outcomes

Hilton’s partnership with Vamp yielded exceptional results that echoed the campaign’s core objectives.

Hilton’s collaboration with Vamp to amplify their “Hilton. For The Stay” campaign through influencer marketing proved highly successful. By leveraging Vamp’s platform for seamless coordination, tapping into influencers’ authentic voices, and focusing on compelling storytelling, Hilton breathed life into their marketing messaging.

The campaign achieved remarkable reach, engagement, and cultural relevance, driving home the message that where you stay truly matters, while demonstrating the value of influencer marketing in enhancing brand narratives.


  • Creators: 6
  • Reach: 360,630
  • Impressions: 359,177
  • View rate: 10% 
  • Avg engagement rate: 4.1%

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