An interview with influencer marketing consultant @livblankson

@livblankson shares her story about self-confidence and personal growth within the influencer industry.

Vamp spoke to @livblankson to chat about her personal growth within the influencer industry.

In this exclusive interview influencer marketing consultant @livblankson shares her story about self-confidence and personal growth within the industry and the people she’s met on her journey.

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Describe your style in 3 words.

Simple, not boring.

What camera do you use?

Personally, i own a fuji x-t20 but I often shoot with people who own canon 5d’s so a lot of my imagery is shot on those wonderful beasts!

What editing app/s do you use?

Lightroom is my mvp, but i also use moldiv, afterlight and facetune for patching/desaturating specific areas of ugly colour ~ trust me, it’s not solely for editing yourself to look like kimmy k, the ‘filters’ tool is super useful for editing/desaturating colours in specific areas!

When is your optimum posting time? 

I mean, i’d like to know that answer too pls @instagram (hahaha help).

On average, how long does it take to create a piece of branded content?

It can vary between 3-8 hours depending on whether it’s a singular shot & story, or multiple images for multiple platforms etc. blog posts take me bloody agesssss and are usually an ‘up until 3am’ jobby.

What advice would you give to a brand to help make their influencer campaign as successful as possible? 

Let the influencer have creative control. Briefs with dos and don’ts are wonderful for remaining in line with your brand ethos, but don’t take away the thing that made this industry the huge and incredible thing it is today ~ personality and individuality.

What are the biggest challenges of being an influencer?

1) Still trying not to cringe at the term ‘influencer’ but having to now use it on the reg (i’m an influencer marketing consultant also so it’s unavoidable at this stage haha).

2) Trying to convince people that what you do is a legitimate job, which requires a LOT of effort and does deserve respect and recognition!

3) Chasing payments and having no security/back up when it comes to companies no longer being able to pay you.

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What’s the best thing that has come about from @livblankson? 

I just really think being able to look back on where i’ve come from and the confidence i’ve almost *had* to develop in order to grow in this industry. i’ve also met some really incredible humans who i now consider some of my closest pals – more so than others i’ve known for years, and i find that super crazy and amazing!

Right now I’m…

Listening to: My Favourite Murder- the podcast.

Eating: Chocobons.

Drinking: Usually something involving gin. or pineapple juice. or maybe even the two together.

Wearing: 90% of the time, my dressing gown.

Reading: Notes on a nervous planet – Matt Haig.



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