TikTok trends report – May 2024

Your monthly round up of trends on the most viral platform
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Despite YouTube and Meta’s relentless focus on short-form video, TikTok remains the app to beat for engagement.

Even as temperatures warm up and more of us are heading outside, trends continue to give videos virality from creators large and small.

From Euro 2024 to a Planet of the Apes meme, it’s safe to say TikTok trends in May didn’t lack variety.

So if you’re a brand or influencer keen to latch onto the latest trends to earn more followers and views, Vamp can help you do just that with our monthly round-up below.


What is it?

About as simple as they come. 

The #maydump trend involves simply sharing all your favourite bits and pieces from May into one smooth, wholesome TikTok post.

The hashtag has earned more than 3million views in the past 30 days, in the UK, with a total of 217million worldwide. So clearly you’ll be doing something right to latch on.

There are no limits on what content you can include in this.

Gorgeous, orange sunsets and beaches form this example, which has more than 1million likes.

Meanwhile a range of trendy outfits worn are visible in this example.

Why is it trending?

It’s hard to think of a more versatile TikTok trend, and is naturally exploited each month as an excuse to share new content or give old content a fresh chance if it didn’t quite land the first time.

Results seem to fluctuate a lot on this one, but it’s a safe bet to assume it’s popularity won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Who should jump on?

If you’re a brand, it would be wise to treat #maydump and its monthly successors as a worthwhile experiment.

The trend offers a simple, easy-to-digest way of flaunting all of your latest products in one video.

If that goes viral, it could be considerably more effective than the 10 separate videos of your products before it, that may have got less views.

For influencers, there is vast scope to compile your content into one video. 

Perhaps you’re a fitness influencer compiling all of your workouts, a fashion influencer putting together the favourite outfits you wore or a lifestyle influencer detailing everything you learned that month, all scenarios are a feasible way of using the trend.

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@cpt.levi143 New Template #CapCut #maydump #mayrecap #cinematic #trend #capcuttemplate #dump #fyp #Cpt_Levi ♬ original sound – Cpt. Levi


What is it?

From offices to pubs and public transport to gyms, you’ll be overhearing conversations about Euro 2024 in England more often than not.

Love it or loathe it, football will be dominating the national agenda once the tournament starts on June 14 in Germany.

The final is set to take place on July 14 in Berlin, which means a whole month of content opportunities to look forward to.

Why is it trending?

For the vast majority, it’s an interest in football.

But for influencers and brands, there is an endless variety of ways to exploit the trend creatively.

Brands in the area of sport, naturally, are using the hashtag to advertise products, from food to clothes. 

And given footballers are among the most famous people on the planet, there is endless interest in discussing the tournament’s best stars.

Who should jump on?

Influencers would be well served to give Euro 2024 some serious, strategic planning.

The scope of opportunities is endless, in an area that attracts more interest than, well, just about anything else in England.

If you’re a travel influencer, there is an opportunity to take viewers through the host cities in the tournament’s host country, Germany.

For influencers in fashion, perhaps content centred around vintage football shirts, and how to buy them, will give you the viral boost you’ve been seeking.

Or maybe you’re an influencer in party planning, for whom Euro 2024 offers a chance to create content on how to host friends over for an England game, giving advice on cocktails to furniture.

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What is it?

A new trend, according to TikTok’s trends hub, that led to a staggering 41million views plus in the UK in the last 30 days.

The trend is utilised in a variety of ways, from ranking your day from one out of ten to rating movies in a certain genre of films.

Other genres using #rating include cosmetic products, rap musicians, songs and car brands.

In this example influencer ASB, who commands 85,000 followers, uses the hashtag to list his favourite 10 foods ever (splitting opinion, naturally).

Elsewhere, in this example, one influencer ranks her Hollywood crushes (resulting in engagement, of course).

Why is it trending?

It’s very clear this trend, which typically involves a top 10 list embedded into the video, is rewarding influencers with engagement.

And it’s easy to see why. 

Once the topic is picked and the first candidate is given a score, it’s very hard to resist riding out the whole video to find out what made number one.

Then once that choice is known, it’s clear people are eager to share their opinions on your choice.

@itzasb Top 10 best foods ranking 🤔 #ranking #food #bestfood #best #foodtiktok #filter #effect ♬ original sound – ASB

Who should jump on?

Influencers can find fertile ground here given the range of topics this can include.

In particular, influencers who are seeking to boost engagement should consider experimenting here.

Given the tendency for viewers to want to watch the entire video and not just the start, this could be the ticket to cracking TikTok’s algorithm you have been looking for.

Perhaps you are an influencer in fitness, then ranking your top 10 sources of protein after a workout has an extremely good chance of keeping viewers on until you get to number one.

Or instead you might be an influencer in fashion. Your followers are very unlikely to skip a video of your top 10 summer outfits without getting to number one first.

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What is it?

What involves an ape, clown and was viewed more than 3billion times around the world in the past month?

If it wasn’t obvious, it’s the #capcutmotivacional trend.

Essentially the trend involves using the tool CapCut to add a small clip onto an existing video, but many have been choosing to use the Oh No Monkey meme, which involves a Planet of the Apes character simply saying “oh no”.

Meanwhile others are using a clip of a clown looking up in surprise.

TikTok uploaders are finding various scenarios to apply this to.

In this example, one person uses the clown to write: “POV: The manager asks if you want to clock off and leave early.”

Why is it trending?

Without doubt the silliest trend on the list.

But this is TikTok and who can argue with viewing figures that surpass 3billion, as per the company’s own data?

It’s a relatively simple trend for content creators to cash into.

Just find a scenario you think will interest your followers, and work in a CapCut to compliment it.

Who should jump on?

Both influencers and brands can exploit this one with some creative planning.

For example, if you are a brand selling a product at a reasonable price, or at a discount, the CapCut of a clown looking up in amused surprise might just be the (unexpected) thing you need to give your video a boost.

@thebowlingtechnician #CapCutMotivacional #Meme #MemeCut ♬ original sound – j3thrx



What is it?

At Vamp, anything that encourages inclusivity has our backing. 

So we’re delighted to offer tips on how to show your support during Pride Month, which celebrates the LGBT community from June 1 to June 30.

It emerged as a leading trend in May, but will continue to be one through the month too.

Why is it trending?

#Pride is trending for a variety of reasons.

Members of the LGBT community themselves have been busy sharing content to detail their thoughts ahead of the month, from events to current issues.

But non-members of the LGBT community too can use this as a way of showing support.

Who should jump on?

If you’re a brand or influencer and you care about inclusivity, using the #Pride trend can be a great way to demonstrate this.

Perhaps as a brand, you are hosting events during Pride that focus specifically on celebrating the LGBT community. Making this clear in a TikTok video will help raise awareness.

Or as an influencer, you may simply love #Pride because it’s a happy time, and you can’t wait to flaunt new outfits you’ll be wearing at events throughout the month.

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