Five things you should know about TikTok rival Triller

Where did they short-form video app come from - and how does it compare to TikTok?

Triller may not be as popular as TikTok – or even Instagram Reels – yet, but it has been receiving a lot of attention lately.


Is another short-form video app worth your time? And what sets it apart from its competitors?

Here’s five things you need to know about Triller:


It’s been around since 2015

Triller began as a niche music discovery app. Its “AI-powered” editing features can automatically stitch together clips from multiple takes, sync them with music and produce a music video. Chance the Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert used Triller to promote new music before TikTok came along.


Charli D’Amelio has given it her vote of confidence

TikTok’s most popular creator has joined Triller this week. Charli (87 million TikTok followers), her sister Dixie (34 million followers), dad Marc (7 million) and mom Heidi (5.6 million) have all joined the app. It’s not an exclusive partnership, so they’ll be able to create content for other platforms too, but it is an indication of its rising popularity. Another famous family on the app are the Trumps.


It’s hit some major user milestones

The app achieved a new milestone this week with 100 million installs on Transsion phones. Dominant in Africa, Transsion, is the fourth largest cell phone manufacturer in the world and offers an alternative to the play store by making apps natively available to users. In August Triller ranked #1 in all categories in the app store in 50 countries.


It has two main discovery feeds

Unlike TikTok, which has just one algorithmically generated ‘For You’ page, Triller splits content into two categories: ‘music’ and ‘social’. The social feed is the Triller version of TikTok’s For You Page. Unlike the For You Page, which will loop videos indefinitely if you don’t swipe up or down, the Social Feed will automatically scroll down to the next queued video without user action.


It has launched an influencer marketing product

This week, Triller has introduced Crosshype, a product it says will allow influencer marketing to be bought with ‘guaranteed views’ and a calculable cost per thousand. Ryan Kavanaugh, Triller’s co-owner said: “We are the only platform to offer guaranteed influencer media. In fact, we are creating the category because our ethos remains focused on helping creators monetize their creativity while sharing content with their fans.” 


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