TikTok trends report – April 2024

Your monthly roundup of the biggest trends on TikTok
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Despite the ongoing threat of a US ban, TikTok’s power to engage global eyeballs remains potent.

Rivals continue to try and mirror its success, and with good reason: all videos are potentially flammable.

With the right trend to target the right algorithm, users with small followings can become overnight sensations.

That’s why Vamp has looked into some of the trends that captured the imagination in April.

They take us from the romantic and emotional, to the downright bizarre and silly.

But this is TikTok and there are no rules. So if you’re an influencer or brand, strap yourself in and allow us to highlight opportunities for you to exploit.

My Life Was Black and White

What is it?

Initially, the trend goes like this: sharing a video or image showing you alone in black and white along with this sound (which features Tom Hanks talking introspectively, so what’s not to love?)

Then, the video shoots to you in colour but with someone who improved your life.

But new twists on the trend show TikTok users with something of value to them rather than a person, too.

This can range from just about anything that has had a positive impact on your life.

Why is it trending?

The trend pulls on the heartstrings, but there is room for comical takes on it too.

In one example, a couple approaches each other as the voice of Hanks can be heard saying: “My life was black and white before I met Sonya. She was the colour.”

Then, the video transforms to colour as the cute couple embrace, with 40,000 likes to show for the touching moment.

But in a slightly more lighthearted moment, one user shares two videos of football stadiums, with the words: “My life was black and white before I found football, football was the colour.”

Without fail, trends with an emotional punch continue to climb the TikTok charts and this is no different.

Sentiment sells, and this is yet another opportunity to boost engagement while talking about something meaningful to you.

Who should jump on?

For influencers, there is ample room to experiment with the trend in either an emotional or light-hearted capacity.

A lifestyle influencer, or anyone who details their own love life, might wish to share a before and after video of their own partner as a way of enticing new viewers to hit the follow button.

But a beauty blogger may wish to share a new, knockout product that has given them a glow-up, or a travel influencer might wish to share the scenes from their latest, mind-blowing trip that left a mark on them.

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@rrobee3♬ when you know – marsrd


What is it?

As temperatures warm up and flights get booked, all eyes turn towards the summer season.

Tourists will flock to hotspots around the world, but one place continues to remain utterly unrivalled for party-goers: Ibiza.

Naturally, creators are beginning to flood TikTok with content on Ibiza, from hotspots to music to outfits and activity recommendations.

Just like its subject matter, it’s all very easy on the eye.

Why is it trending?

Party season is fast approaching, with opening parties starting in mid to late May.

As such, #Ibiza2024 is a new entry on TikTok’s trends chart from the past 30 days, with 16million views within that time in the UK.

Who should jump on?

But think content on Ibiza is purely limited to partygoers and DJs? Think again, because the trend offers an agile range of lateral ways for influencers and brands to boost engagement.

Fitness influencers can now target a demographic of people keen to look in top condition on the beach.

Fashion influencers have a tailored group of people getting their summer outfits ready, be it bikinis or going-out clobber.

Travel influencers can go into detail about the island’s best beaches or hotspots, as one content creator does here, and musicians can elaborate on the biggest themes to watch out for.

Or perhaps your speciality is making cocktails, in which case there will be no shortage of people eager to be armed with pre-drink recipes.

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@misslisaajayne One of my favourite spots to in📍ibiza It doesn’t have to all be about partying ❤️ #ibiza # #sanantonioibiza #ibizasunsets #placestoeatibiza #ibizasky #ibiza2024👑 #ibizalove #fyp #foryou ♬ rosee_20 GOD DOESNT MAKE MISTAKES – rosee_2.1

I’d Rather Take my Whiskey Neat

What is it?

A nice, simple trend that gives influencers a chance to flaunt the transformations of themselves, people they have been working with (clients, perhaps) or simply things they have worked on.

Simply create a video showing said person or thing from one time period, with this sound of the Hozier track Too Sweet, before cutting to a shot of the same person or thing when they are more attractive.

Why is it trending?

It’s a classic before/after opportunity for influencers.

In one example, grooming influencer stfualy shares two videos, one before and one after the process of hair oiling. That earned him almost 7million views with 1.4million likes.

In another example, a DIY influencer shares two photos of a kitchen, one before a transformation and one after it. 

For 1997eleanor, that earned 645,000 likes and 3million views. Not bad for a following of 1,469 at the time of writing.

Who should jump on?

Influencers working with food may see an opportunity to show ingredients before cutting to a shot of a delicious meal, or a fashion influencer may share last year’s outfits, comparing them to this year’s.

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@stfualyDefinitely had to trust the process with hair oiling 😭😅 i think its worth it even if i do look like an egg hahaha♬ id rather take my whiskey neat – char

Show It To Me, Rachel

What is it?

We’re not quite sure why some sounds take off, and this is one of them.

The sound features someone hysterically pleading with the words: “Oh my God, show it to me please, send it to me Rachel.”  

Users on TikTok have been busy aligning the sound with a scenario of them wanting to see something.

Why is it trending?

In this example, cryinglawyer, who was the source of the original video, shares the sound with the words: “When someone says you’re going viral again on TikTok.”

In this example, influencer frgretel shares the sound along with the words: “When someone says there is a documentary about clans, gangs, prisons, or true crime I haven’t seen yet.”

This could be a light-hearted way to direct TikTok viewers to your product.

Who should jump on?

Suppose you’re an influencer teasing the best pizza spot in town, this could be the way to entice.

Or perhaps you’ve put together a sizzling new outfit for summer, with the promise of letting viewers know where you purchased the items in your caption.

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@cryinglawyer The queen is back! #sendittomebaby #jesuswasseen #sendittomerachel #fyp #xybca #parentprank #mom #fyppp ♬ original sound – Colby


What is it?

One trend still remaining high on the charts years after its launch is the #EmojiChallenge, which goes like this: create a video of yourself looking at the camera along with some emojis, then proceed to imitate those emojis yourself.

Confused? Let us give you some previous examples.

One influencer, Nobo (who boasts 3.3million followers), uses the Emoji Word Challenge tool to generate emojis at random, which come up as: 🤪🥺🪰🧑‍🎄😩.

What happens next is a hysterical acting performance, and one that resulted in 471,000 likes.

Why is it trending?

The trend is still going strong, with creators sharing their various (often ill-fated) attempts.

In the past 30 days, it has been ranked the 16th most popular TikTok hashtag in the UK, with 15million views.

Often the reason things go viral is their simplicity, and this is a key example. Coming across one of these videos, it’s very hard to swipe up before watching someone’s attempt.

Who should jump?

For influencers, an easy win here may be to make the emojis relatable to the content you’re providing, to entice them to click on your account.

Perhaps the chef’s kiss emoji is a way for influencers in food to flaunt a salivating new dish, or lips emoji can be used for a beauty influencer to show off some new red lipstick.

Take a look at your phone’s keyboard, and you’ll see plenty of opportunity to cash in on a trend showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon.

@nobosart This filter is dangerous for me. #emojichallenge#filter#challenge ♬ original sound – Nobo

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