TikTok trends report – June 2024

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Summer has finally arrived in the northern hemisphere.

And while, for many, the weather is yet to truly find its stride (yet again), there are a wave of TikTok trends to keep a smile on your face over the next month.

This month’s trends are quite bias to those of you in the northern hemisphere, with content opportunities from the ever-impressive Glastonbury festival, Euro 2024 and a chance for you to list your recommendations in a viral way.

So if that interests you, read on and let Vamp take you through some of the biggest TikTok trends from June.


What is it?

Even if you don’t like football, you may have noticed the memes centred around England manager Gareth Southgate. In June, #Southgate became a new trend, placed at number eight on TikTok’s trends hub with 66m views in the UK alone.

Examples include creators sarcastically passing the ball backwards to an AI generated image of Southgate wearing a life vest in the shower.

Why is it trending?

That’s because his England side have been accused of playing cautious, boring football. And fans have been coping in the only way they know how: by making fun of the situation on social media.

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry, as the saying goes.

Who should jump on?

So why would this apply to influencers and brands? Well, this could be a witty way of drawing attention to your product if it happens to involve safety. Alternatively, you could use it as a way to highlight your product’s safety features. 

Perhaps you are a brand who claims to offer protection from extortionate prices elsewhere, then why not suggest Southgate would use your product? Or maybe you’re an influencer working in travel, why not suggest Southgate would follow your tips to enjoy a trouble-free time abroad, with a healthy dose of irony?

You may even be a brand, particularly in music or photography, who offer protection from viruses and other nefarious risks. Suggesting Southgate would buy your product could be the layer of humour you need to make your content go viral. A warning, though, please keep an eye on the Euro 2024 final on July 14.

If England get through and win, the above joke will certainly be viewed in a different context. But if they don’t and play poorly, it’s still likely to be doing the rounds.

Now isn’t that a win-win if you support England?

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@nahte2005 Bro has less personality then Keir Starmer😂 #euros #euro2024 #garethsouthgate #southgate ♬ original sound – Ethan init


What is it?

The #Recommend hashtag drew 107 million views in the past month globally – and it’s a dream for influencers. In short, content creators have been sharing the things that they recommend, and there is no limit to the topics you can apply this to.

Why is it trending?

Examples range from TV and film to watch at the weekend to songs to post with your best friend and shampoo products.  What’s more, TikTok analytics show the trend has been on the rise so now is the perfect time to cash in an experiment.

There was also room for book recommendations and travel tips, all under the hashtag.

Who should jump on?

So if you’re an influencer, it seems entirely worthwhile to give this one a try to flaunt your knowledge and establish yourself as a reliable reviewer. For influencers working in health and fitness, you have a chance here to walk viewers through your favourite protein products and workout regimes (abs, arms or glutes, perhaps). 

For influencers working in music, giving your followers an easily digestible top-10 list of your favourite albums so far this year is likely to be well received. Or perhaps you’re an influencer working in fashion, recommending the best outfits for what remains of this summer could be the ticket you need to new followers.

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@cinema.joe #fyp #foryou #movies ♬ original sound – Cinema.Joe


What is it?

The show may be over and the recovery process in full swing, but as anyone who has followed Glastonbury closely, talk certainly does not die down immediately. That is reflected on TikTok’s trends hub, which shows engagement continuing to rise days after the festival drew to a close.

In the past 30 days, a staggering 217 million people viewed TikTok content themed around Glastonbury.

Why is it trending?

Where does one start with examples? There are amateur recordings of nostalgic bangers from The Streets to Avril Lavigne, to an act-by-act review of the artists over the weekend.

TikTok also hosts celebrity-watch content and outfits that set Worth Farm alight over the course of five, rampant nights.

Who should jump on?

Influencers are spoiled for choice at this trend. If you work in music, the floor is yours to delve into the lesser-known sets you enjoyed to raise awareness.

Perhaps you’re a fashion influencer who can advise on Glastonbury-inspired outfits viewers can take into other festivals this summer, or indeed other places like nightclubs and parks (but maybe not the office).

Or perhaps you’re more minded to let next year’s festival goers know where the best places to get food were, and where they may find those dishes outside of Somerset. If you are interested in giving your online profile a boost, you can view Vamp’s pricing here to get started.

@wevintage_ Paul Mescal at Glastonbury #paulmescal #glastonbury #festivaloutfit ♬ original sound – We Vintage

If you were to ask me

What is it?

In simple terms, this trend involves creators sharing something that they are unusually passionate about. In a four-slide format, the uploader says “If you were to me about”, followed by the thing they are passionate about.

They then explain why it might seem normal to other people. In this example, one creator starts by saying in the first slide: “If you were to ask me about Diet Coke.”

In the next slide, she says: “I would say it’s a nice drink…”

She then adds: “But if you asked me on a deeper level…”

Finally, in the final slide, she concludes: “I would say it’s the reason I have the energy to get up in the morning. It’s the reason I smile, and it’s the drink I always have when listening to music. It’s also very good as a mixer as well.”

Why is it trending?

That example secured more than 193,000 likes in June with more than 3,000 comments, suggesting this trend could be a smooth path to audience engagement. One reason as to why it may be trending is because it’s a naturally authentic way to lace your content with sentiment, which done correctly strikes a bonding chord with viewers.

So if that can be achieved with Diet Coke, imagine what’s possible with other subjects that mean something to you?

Who should jump on?

Perhaps you’re a brand and you want to flaunt why your products mean more than just a product to people, as per your own reviews? Or perhaps you’re an influencer working in wellness, detailing your own, sentimental journey into yoga is exactly the kind of thing to draw engagement on TikTok.

While we’re on the subject of the TikTok algorithm, are you keen to understand more? See Vamp’s guide here.

@gisssssele Yes, it’s that deep!😤 #seafoodboil ♬ one more light – favsoundds


What is it?

A new trend on TikTok’s hub chart that is incredibly simple, but incredibly effective. #Newmonth is simply a vehicle to talk through your ideas, plans and aspirations for July.

It’s also, naturally, seen a massive spike in the first few days of the month. A jaw-dropping 871million have watched content involving this trend around the world in the past 30 days.

Examples include the Met Office detailing what to expect from July’s weather to tips on how to journal over the following month.

Why is it trending?

It’s close to impossible for any brand or influencer not to find a way to capitalise on this, so it’s no wonder it has boomed in popularity. July is such an important month, marking the first month of the second half of 2024 (we know, where did that go?).

Who should jump on?

For brands, a simple route to success with this may be to detail the release of your products that are soon coming. Alternatively, you could create a challenge that your audience can get involved in, particularly powerful for health and wellbeing themes. 

Influencers in music can tell fans when in July they should expect the release of new material. And influencers who work with yoga, for example, can let fans know key dates for the soothing retreats, and where.

@maggiefromladder its go time!! 🔗 in b!0 to join me #workoutchallengeaccepted #newmonthnewgoals #julyworkouts #weightlosschallenge #getinthebestshapeofyourlife #newmonthvibes #workoutsforwomen ♬ GLORY – Ogryzek

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