5 ways to create compelling content for your brand’s Instagram Stories

How to create compelling content for your brand’s Instagram Stories
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A recent study found that 86% of consumers think it’s “cool” when brands post videos on social media platforms and brands are shifting their spend from YouTube to platforms like Facebook and Instagram which cater to a larger audience and have features like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live Video.

For this reason, ads on Instagram Stories are a hot topic right now. Find out how Influencers are best placed to create content for your brand’s Instagram Stories which your customers will love. 

“The beauty of Instagram now is that while the page is clean and carefully curated, Instagram stories is great for behind the scenes. Instagram stories and Snapchat are perfect for spontaneity. IG stories is great for style bloggers to introduce yourself to your fan base in a really personal way. It’s a great way to do content. You can be a complete moron and it shows your personality.”

1) Promote your sale

The 24hr live period of Instagram Stories makes them a perfect match for something that you want to promote that has a limited time. Like a sale or promo. This is something you can have a bit of fun with. You can include Influencer produced content in your Stories – image or video – to promote a particular product to your followers. Catch your customer’s eye with beautiful content that shows your product in action with authentic Influencers and they’ll want it too. Influencers can help make your brand come across as more relatable and credible in the eyes of a consumer.

One VAMP Influencer recently confided to the team that they make use of the timely nature of Instagram stories as a way to get their audience to engage with their content. With the new Instagram algorithms and more competition in this space, Influencers use stories to draw attention to a new post on Instagram, or on the blog. It decreases the number of their followers who might miss a post and increases the dwell time and engagement.

2) Tell your brand’s story

Unlike video ads which a lot of marketing dollars are invested in and might be utilised over a long advertising campaign, Instagram stories are short-lived – their lifespan is just 24 hours – so it’s a wonderful opportunity to think outside the box. In fact, try not to make the obvious choice. For example, instead of just presenting their nicest appartments, one of Airbnb’s Instagram stories focused on how to prepare miso soup in Japan. This captured the spirit of the Airbnb brand in a compelling way.


One way you might engage Influencers to tell your brand’s story are in making the most of their individuality. After all, this is a big part of what makes their audience love them so much! Whether they cook the best protein balls, are expert at nail painting or can even walk the dog with a yo-yo – you can partner with Influencers who capture the spirit of your brand in a fun, creative way.

3) Workshop

Does your product require a how to? Is there a unique recipe for your latest cereal that might encourage foodies to purchase your product? Or perhaps a unique way of styling an outfit or a home space? Is there a skill set which your followers would be interested in learning about? Your brand’s Instagram stories can appeal to a niche audience in an engaging way by showcasing bitesize educational content which makes your customers feel positive sentiment towards your brand. And because it’s snackable, you’ll leave them wanting more.

Our Influencers frequently use Stories to workshop different skills which their followers are always asking them to share. For example, one of our night photographers whose content never fails to make jaws drop, showed the razzle behind the dazzle with a step by step guide on his Instagram stories on how he edited a photo. He’s now also running paid face-to-face workshops with those keen to learn. Sharing is caring after all!

4) Discovery

When your brand engages with Influencers in a marketing campaign, you can help build up hype by getting your followers involved. Tease new product launches, competitions or events with Influencer content directly in your Instagram stories. Make sure your product is front of mind whenever your customers go shopping in-store or on-line.

5) Behind the scenes

Just as Influencers make the most of the raw, unedited behind the scenes of the beautiful compilation of their Instagram feed to engage their audience on a more personal level, Stories provides the brand the opportunity to let its hair down a little. Be more relatable. Whether you want to give some insights into your company culture, a product launch or an event your brand is involved in. Get creative and be authentic! It’s all about telling your brand’s story in the most compelling way possible.

One effective way to do this – invite your customers to get involved so that they feel part of the story. Instagram takeovers by Influencers is a great way to get authentic behind the scenes brand recommendations by someone who lives and breathes Instagram stories. With Influencers directing their audience to your brand’s page you might pick up more followers to boot.

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.