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The best Instagram tools in 2023 for design, video, scheduling, analytics and a whole lot more.

With Instagram predicted to have 1.2 billion active users in 2023, the social media platform is a must when it comes to your influencer and digital marketing strategies. But in order to maximise the benefits, it pays to have the right Instagram tools at your disposal. Some of these are paid for, but others are free. Between them, they’ll take care of your scheduling, stories, ads, images, and analytics, come up with hashtags and help you drive engagement.

Best Instagram tools

There are lots of Instagram tools available, but these are the ones you really need to check out: 

  • Tailwind – a winner when it comes to both Instagram and Pinterest scheduling. Also offers AI content creation, optimisation, and a shoppable feed link. Prices start at £8.15 a month
  • PromoRepublic – this scheduler allows you to design images and check analytics. Also provides ready-made social content and templates. From £40 a month
  • Iconosquare – if you’re looking for in-depth analytics and comment management, then this tool is for you. From £40 a month
  • Metahashtags – let this tool do all the heavy hashtag work. For unlimited hashtags, it’s less than a tenner a month
  • Pictory – easy-to-use video creation tool that uses AI to extract clips from your Zoom, Team, and Webinar recordings. Can also be used to add captions to your videos. From £15.50 a month
  • Adview – target your ad audience with real-time bidding using this app. Also allows you to see and respond to comments on Facebook and Instagram. From £5.70 a month
  • Snapseed – free photo-editing app owned by Google with an impressive list of 49 features

Instagram scheduling tools

An Instagram scheduling tool will enable you to plan and schedule your Instagram posts, so that you don’t have to be on your phone when they go up. It saves time and gives you the opportunity to plan, measure, and tweak your campaign as you go.

Here are some of the most popular tools available:

  • Hootsuite’s Composer – with an easy to navigate interface and information on the best times to post, this tool allows you to edit, schedule, customise, and publish. It also has an AI-powered hashtag generator, and you can use Canva, the handy graphics tool, within the platform. Free 30-day trial, from £89 a month thereafter. Check out this free video on how to use Hootsuite Composer
  • Agorapulse – as well as operating as a social media management tool, this platform is also a project management tool ideal for teams. It operates as a mobile app, allowing you to schedule as you go. Plans start at £39 a month
  • Buffer – the ideal social media scheduler for small businesses. Suggests frequency, best times to publish, and hashtags. You can use it for up to three channels for free
  • Sprout Social – this platform can schedule posts, run reports, and manage multiple Instagram accounts. Best for teams and larger businesses, with prices starting at £206 a month

Find out the best time to post on Instagram with our complete guide and save yourself time with our comprehensive run down of Instagram captions.

Instagram analytics tools

Analytics provide information on the success of your posts, meaning you can tweak and re-target wherever needed. Here are some of the best tools for the job: 

  • Instagram Insights – Instagram has its own inbuilt analytics tool for business accounts, which offers a basic overview of your results for free. You’ll find it within the Instagram app under Account Insights (tap profile and go to professional dashboard first). 
  • Meta Business Suite – your Instagram metrics can also be reviewed when you click Insights within the Meta Business Suite. You can access information on ads, posts, and stories
  • – get detailed insights for Instagram on your desktop and mobile with this solution, which also tracks audience changes daily. From £9 a month
  • Squarelovin – this analytics tool allows you to track specific KPIs, which means you can find out what content is working out. Customers include Joop! and Stabilo. Sign up for free

instagram shop insights Source: Instagram

Instagram ads tools 

Run ads campaigns with ease using these tools: 

  • Brand24 – offers great metrics that can help you to weigh up the success of your ad campaigns. From £57 a month
  • Hootsuite Impact – you’ll gain heavyweight analytics and the ability to compare your brand with competitors. Enables you to measure the success of ad campaigns and integrate with other tools to measure the customer journey. From £89 a month
  • Ads Manager – this free platform within both Instagram and Facebook allows you to run campaigns, target ads, and respond to comments. It will also calculate your cost per result

Take a look at our guide to Instagram advertising. 

Instagram hashtag tools 

Researching hashtags is time consuming, but with these easy to navigate tools, you can find the right ones in seconds:

  • AllHashtag – a free tool that will come up with and analyse relevant hashtags for your posts
  • Best Hashtags – another easy-to-use free online hashtag tool. Type in your subject, press search, and then cut and paste the hashtags
  • Keyword tool – helps you to find trending and/or popular hashtags 

To get your Instagram marketing up to speed, check out our guide to Instagram captions.

Instagram Stories tools 

Want to make light work of your Instagram Stories? Try these for size:

  • Vimeo Create – a handy tool that turns your photos and text into social media videos. Free with upgrade options for advanced editing and templates
  • Life Lapse – app (IOS and Android) for creating time-lapse videos to show off products. Enables you to adjust the frame speed and add royalty-free music. Free with Pro option available
  • HypeType – IOS app that comes with a library of fonts and animations to pimp up your video footage. Free with watermarks; in-app purchases available
  • Canva Stories – a new app from Canva that helps you design your Insta Stories with loads of free templates to choose from. Free with paid for upgrades

Instagram tools for influencer campaigns

If you want to plan, manage and execute multi-channel influencer campaigns, then Vamp is your one stop solution. With a fully integrated suite of tools to manage creator collaborations,  Vamp can help you reach new audiences, build brand awareness, boost engagement and drive conversion.  Our pricing is transparent and we’re the go to platform for businesses of all sizes

Instagram tools for design

You don’t have to be an artist or a graphic designer to create fab Insta images, as there’s a whole raft of tools that’ll provide the creative muscle:

  • Canva with Instagram story templates, free photos, and a video editing function, you can’t go wrong with Canva when it comes to designing your social media campaign. Free option available
  • Be Funky – all-in-one app that edits photos, and creates collages and graphics. You can also retouch photos, batch edit, crop, and resize images. From £3.99 a month
  • Slow Shutter Cam – allows you to take images with a slow shutter speed to create the kind of effects that were once only possible with a DSLR. Download for £1.99

Instagram tools for video 

To make videos like a pro, try these Instagram tools for video:

  • InShot – edit videos on the go with this intuitive app made for IOS and Android. It also lets you make picture collages and add image filters. From £3.36 a month
  • iMovie – made for IOS, this tool has a tonne of great editing features, and supports HD and 4K. Includes a stability feature, which is a rarity amongst Instagram tools. Free
  • VSCO – popular video editing tool that gives you access to a network of other users, has advanced editing tools, and can cope with any size of video. £25 a year

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Instagram tools for marketing

Take the strain out of your digital marketing with these Instagram tools:

  • Later – this planning app has an Instagram scheduling tool with a visual planner, analytics dashboard, and hashtag suggestions. It also offers Shopify integration. From £15 a month
  • Gleam – with a function that allows you to run competitions, drive sales with award unlocking, build content, and capture email addresses, Gleam is a marketing super power. From just £8 a month
  • ShortStack – like Gleam, this tool will enable you to run social media contests. It also has a refer-a-friend feature, and pulls data from social media profiles to pick winners. Prices start at £82.50 a month

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Instagram ecommerce apps

Boost your e-commerce efforts with these easy-to-use apps:

  • Covet Pics – this app allows you to create galleries on your website using your Instagram images. It also enables customers to upload their images of your items to your gallery. From £8.29 a month
  • Instagram Shopping – make your products easy to find with this in-app function. Create a shop in Commerce Manager on Instagram, customise and sit back as customers buy directly via the app. Free
  • Taplink – create a micro landing page, and drive leads and sales by adding multiple links to your posts. It’ll also alert you when new orders come in. Basic package is free

instagram shop Source: Later

Instagram management tools

Get on top of your Instagram efforts with these helpful management tools: 

  • Sked – in addition to scheduling, this social media management app offers social analytics, link in bio, and the ability to work as a team with no extra charges. It also gives you post and caption ideas. From £17.50 a month
  • Loomly – this scheduling tool comes with post ideas, a content library, optimisation tips, post mockups, and an approval workflow for teams. From £21 a month
  • Sendible – with Sendible, you can plan content and strategy, work as a team, and get valuable insights with analytics. From £21 a month

Instagram marketing apps

Whether you’re a company or an influencer, these apps will help you to market on Instagram:

  • Awario – in addition to tracking mentions, finding influencers, and finding leads, this app allows you to monitor your competition. From £24 a month
  • Linktree – turn your bio into a landing page that links to other platforms and promotions. Perfect for social selling, content marketing, and growing your audience. Free option available
  • – invite-only bio tool favoured by influencers that allows you to consolidate your links

Once you’re tooled up with all the best apps, get started on your social media marketing with Vamp

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