How to de-bot your Instagram following

Rid your account of the ghosts that devalue your influence

A recent study on influencer marketing found 21% of brands say fake followers are the biggest issue in the industry.


31% of influencers also say they have been ‘gifted’ fake followers/engagements. This proves that even the most well-intentioned influencers have to make the effort to keep their followings clean. Through our experience with our @Vampbrands Instagram account, we are well aware that any profile will inevitably receive a number of bots, or ghost followers. It happens.


We ain’t afraid of no ghost. Well actually… we are a bit


The downside is, those uninvited hangers on will naturally increase with your legitimate following and they will damage your chances of achieving brand collaborations. In recent years, a spotlight has been on fake followers and as the industry matures, agencies and brands alike and finding more sophisticated solutions to detect fake followings.

An account with too many inactive or off-kilter followers, or a historical sudden spike in numbers, will be conspicuous. What’s more, it will discredit a following that may be 90% genuine and you spent years cultivating. Fake followers will also drag down your engagement rates like a dead weight. As brands wise up to the fact that engagement is more important than reach or follower count, this will become even more of a hinderance.

The solution is a regular – and ruthless – spring clean.


Be a ghost follower buster


We wish we could tell you this was a quick, fool-proof process, but we’d be lying. While Instagram is making an effort to cleanse its app of bots, at present, the only reliable way to ensure your following is free from fakes, is to manually check for them yourself. Look at it like any cleaning job. Regular maintenance makes for a more manageable process than months of ignoring the mess then having to face the consequences. We’ve all been there.

The bottom line is, if you’re serious about a career or successful side hustle as an influencer, it’s essential.


Spot that bot


Fake followers have a number of tell tale signs that will help you identify them.

Look out for:

  • Indecipherable names
  • A lack of posted content
  • Following a huge number of people with minimal followers themselves
  • A lack of engagement with your posts, despite a large following, is a strong sign you might have a few unwanted guests


Once you’ve spotted the bot, it’s time to get rid. Report them as spam and block them so they’re not able to latch on again.

It may be a tedious process, but a following free of bots will benefit you in the long run. Both in the high engagement levels you achieve and the brand collaborations you earn.

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