Instagram shopping feature in action

See Instagram's shopping feature in action

Earlier this year Instagram released its “tap-to-view” Instagram shoppable post feature in the US to make it easier for customers to shop directly off posts on business accounts on Instagram.

Now that Vamp is seeing some of our US based clients using the new feature we anticipate it won’t be much longer until the feature is rolled out more widely to other countries and Instagram users across the globe.

Vamp client Williams Sonoma making use of the click-to-purchase opportunities that the Instagram shopping feature opens up for them as an on-line retailer.

Vamp Influencer produced content for Williams Sonoma.

While it is still restricted to US-based retailers who are selling physical goods from selective product categories which align with Facebook’s Privacy Policy, Instagram is gradually opening up the doors to give more merchants the opportunity to access this selling tool.

How does Instagram Shopping work?

Retailers with online stores who have set up with e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce can leverage Instagram Shopping by connecting their Instagram account with Facebook Product Catalog.

Does Instagram Shopping work?

Research shows that 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product from the fashion, style or beauty categories after seeing it on Instagram.

Well known women’s fashion company, Natori, has seen a 1,416% increase in traffic and revenue is up 100% since they adopted the Instagram Shopping feature, according to a study by BigCommerce.

What’s the best way to leverage Instagram Shopping?

By far the most impactful way you can leverage Instagram Shopping is by using Influencer produced content.

This will ensure that your posts feel genuine and relatable. If you engage in a micro-Influencer campaign with Vamp you will have a whole host of high quality assets which you can utilise on your social channels to engage your customer base. As Influencers are trusted in their field of expertise your brand will gain more credibility and it adds layers of depth and story to your brand narrative.

Then ensure that your Instagram account has a cohesive aesthetic to give you’re audience an impression of your brand’s look and feel just by glancing at your feed. Post regularly and consistently. To keep up with the demand for new content, engage with Influencers on an ongoing basis so you have a range of beautiful imagery to hand. which you can re-gram and tag brands in your posts.

Content creation campaigns outside of influencers posting on their social feeds are an excellent option if your brand is after a very specific look, feel and overall creative direction of your content.

With 2018 coming up and a Content Calendar to fill, it’s a great time to plan your Influencer activity so that your Instagram feed has content ready to go.

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