The Vamp Debrief: What’s new in social marketing this October?

Get up to speed on the latest social updates and marketing stories from October, with The Vamp Debrief.
The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this October

Facebook has a new name, Instagram dropped ten updates and TikTok Shopping has had a global rollout!


October was a huge month for those working in social media marketing. In case you missed any updates, The Vamp Debrief is here to keep you in the loop. Keep scrolling to download the full, free report, but here’s a sneak peek…

Meet ‘Meta’. The new Facebook


Facebook has changed its corporate name to ‘Meta’ as part of a major rebrand.


Link Stickers for everyone


No matter your follower count, you can now add an external link to your Story.


Instagram drops nine other updates


October was massive for the platform. Discover the nine other updates they dropped.

The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this October

TikTok Shopping goes global


TikTok is expanding access to its ecommerce tool, TikTok Shopping.


Levi’s campaign crowned #1


Levi’s “Buy better. Wear longer” sustainability-focused campaign was crowned the number one Gen Z campaign in 2021.


Starburst goes back to it’s roots


Starburst released a ‘Little Lad’ Halloween costume and TikTok contest, to jump on the #berriesandcream trend.

There’s a new social app in town


‘Minus’ is the new kid on the social media block, and its unusual posting limit has caught our eye. Find out why.


Squid Game boosts Vans sales


The Netflix series caused a whopping 7,800% spike in white slip-on Vans sales.


Introducing ‘TikTok Top Moments’


TikTok announced it will be releasing its own NFTs (aka TikTok Top Moments) with a select few creators.

The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this October

IG tests new monetisation tools


Creators will soon be able to create their own shops of products that they promote. Another way to monetise their content.


October’s break out TikTok star


Jonathan Graziano and his 13-year-old pug, Noodle have gone viral for inventing “Bones or No Bones Day.” Learn what this means.


Jab rates are up – so are travel searches


Total travel searches across Pinterest are up 19% in 2021.

TikTok adds more sound partners


To help brands create their own tracks to use in campaigns, or to license sounds, TikTok has added six new Sound Partners.


FB dives into the world of audio


The social giant launched a new “Audio” tab in its mobile app in the U.S.


Snapchat hits a new milestone


The platform has officially surpassed 500 million monthly active users. But find out why their share prices have dropped.

The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this October

New rules for UK video platforms


UK media regulator, Ofcom has set new guidelines for TikTok, Snapchat and OnlyFans. Learn what these are.


Pinterest dupes TikTok’s ‘Duet’


‘Takes’ is a new feature on Pinterest that allows creators to create an Idea Pin in response to another Idea Pin. Sound familiar?


Google for Creators


“A new home base for creators to learn, grow and get inspired.” That’s how Google describes their new creator portal.

Creator’s earnings are in the billions


According to Stripe, creators will soon pass more than $10 billion in aggregate earnings.


October’s most-used Emojis


Nne in every 100 tweets now contains a sparkles emoji. And there’s 455% increase in tweets using the red flag emoji. Find out why.


TikTok makes you happy


31% of TikTok users included “lifting my spirits” as one of the top three reasons for returning to the platform again and again.


A minute on the web in numbers


A new report from Domo tells us what’s happening, collectively, every minute of every day on the web. The numbers are staggering.


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The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this October

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The Vamp Debrief What's new in social marketing this October