TikTok trend report November 2023

Your monthly roundup of the biggest trends on TikTok this month
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A hit Hollywood film, swanky home designs and a groom in tears (of the good kind) were among the trends keeping viewers glued to TikTok in November.

The clip-sharing giant remains unrivalled for virality, with clips continuing to reach diverse audiences around the world.

So if you’re a marketer, brand or influencer brainstorming ways that you can be the next hit, then our November guide is here to help.

I Don’t Know If I Like It trend

@chucklelicious♬ original sound – ★

What is it?

The ick.

You’ve probably heard about it. You’ve probably felt it. And in November you may well have seen a TikTik video about it thanks to the ‘I Don’t Know if I like it’ trend.

Clips use dialogue from the film Priscilla, where the lead character simply says ‘I don’t know if I like it’ before she’s met with the response of ‘what do you mean you don’t like it?’

TikTokers have been busy matching this overlay with scenarios where they quickly go off something.

One example, which has racked up 746,000 views, writes: “Me about every boy when it starts to get serious.”

While marketing teams may wish to be a little less downbeat than that, there are opportunities here to build engagement. See below.

Why is it trending?

The film hit US screens in early November, but will not be released in the UK until January.

The line has clearly struck a chord, with creators finding matching scenarios with ease.

And with the seven-word answer lasting no more than one minute, it’s a super-fast way of getting your point across.

Who should jump on?

Influencers and brands with an eye for irony should take note of this trend, given viewing figures are well into the hundreds of thousands for a variety of clips.

Perhaps you’re an influencer or brand in fashion, food, fitness or beauty.

If you’re highlighting a problem – ill-fitting clothes, complicated recipes, injury-prone exercises and expensive make-up respectively, for example – then this could be the perfect way to divert them to your solution.

One fashion influencer, Julia Quang, has done just that: ironically flaunting a range of beautiful Priscilla-inspired outfits her audience adores.

So no matter what area of influencer marketing you’re in, a well-crafted video using this trend will help avoid giving viewers the ick.

You can find more on TikTok influencer marketing with Vamp here.

I Think I Like This Little Life

@alice_nevin The cutest @Clara Home #ithinkilikethislittlelife ♬ Little Life – Cordelia

What is it?

Serving up a direct contrast to our previous example, this trend has generated thousands of lovely, wholesome moments.

The overlay uses the lyrics “I think I like this little life” from the track Little Life, by Cordelia, to inspire creators to capture the things that made them smile.

In this example, one influencer shares the delights of living with her best friend, eating in pyjamas, drinking coffee and cosying up for movie night. She received a cool 300,000 likes in the process.

There’s this example of a creator putting together a delicious fruit drink, and various others from greeting one’s partner to hailing a new career change.

Why is it trending?

Cordelia originally shared a clip of her new track, Little Life, with the caption: “Please use this sound for your own cute life appreciate videos, I’d love to see them.”

It would be an understatement to say the request has been well received.

And with Christmas on its way, there won’t be a shortage of the clips making people smile this winter.

Who should jump on?

For brands, this could be a chance to flaunt the feel-good impact your products are having on people.

You might be a clothing retailer highlighting the moment one of your customers, or influencer doing so on your behalf, puts on one of your flagship jumpers.

This overlay is sure to pull on the heartstrings of shoppers for whom the jumper suits to a tee.

Or if you’re an influencer with the goal of making people feel good, using this sound with a clip of how you personally achieve that can give you the engagement boost you need.

If you’re interested, Vamp is here to provide you with more information on TikTok advertising.

Homes of TikTok

@littlehouseonalittleland #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #homedecor #diy #homesoftiktok ♬ Home – Machine Gun Kelly & X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha

What is it?

The #homesoftiktok hashtag has been listed as a new entry on TikTok’s Top 100 UK trends hub for November, registering 4million views.

The trend takes us into homes around the world for a multitude of reasons, from design to solutions.

In this example, influencer account littlehouseonalittleisland writes: “Think you can’t have your dream house without spending a fortune?”

We’re then shown a beautiful, white-tiled bathroom followed by a spacious, marble kitchen and cosy bedroom. To show for it? 220,000 likes and more than 3,000 curious comments.

In a different example, the video is captioned: “Things from Amazon that I use everyday.”

This creator uses the trend as an effective vehicle to flaunt household items, with more than 20,000 bookmarks to boot.

Why is it trending?

Homes on TikTik are, of course, nothing new. But this trend appears to be the latest attempt to concentrate interest into one stream.

The trend is heavily aligned with products which, thanks to Black Friday, may explain its sudden popularity.

And with temperatures plunging causing more of us to stay indoors, it’s little wonder search for cosy home trends is on the rise.

Who should jump on?

TikTok analytics show a sharp spike from November 23, so influencers and brands will be jumping on this trend early doors.

Brands with any links to home products and design may wish to exploit this one immediately, identifying areas of the home audiences may be looking to invest in.

Lifestyle influencers are just some of the creators who could capitalise on this too, with the trend an excellent way to talk through home habits from wellness to working from home.

Marketers, brands and influencers with a particular interest in analytics can see more on Vamp’s guide to TikTok algorithm.

Emotional groom trend

@goodtreesbadknees I will be mustering up every past bit of my energy to run to my car #fyp #adventure #explorepage #hikersoftiktok #hiking #outdoors #getoutside #trail #trending ♬ original sound – GoodTreesBadKnees🌲

What is it?

An emotional groom stands at the end of an aisle, his Best Man next to him, as the sound of Bryan Adams bellowing out smash hit Heaven plays over the top.

The groom turns, and upon seeing his bride-to-be, bursts into tears.

Naturally the raw, joyous moment is exploited for fun on TikTik, with creators thinking up various tongue-in-cheek scenarios that cause the same response.

More than two million people liked this example with the caption: “Seeing the parking lot after a hike.”

Another writes: “When you find your passport after thinking you lost it for one whole minute.”

One captions their version: “When you finally see what’s on sale for Black Friday.”

Why is it trending?

Hysteria is a currency on TikTok, so naturally the sight of an uncontrollable groom was always likely to generate content.

The trend appears to have originally stemmed from a video about hikers finally seeing their car, but it’s since been identified as an easy way for creators to make a point and raise a smile while doing it.

Who should jump on?

This trend is tailor-made for brands keen to highlight the positive emotions their products are likely to generate.

Suppose you’re a fashion label. One potential caption could be: “When you put on your new winter coat for the first time.”

Perhaps you’re an influencer working in food, the clip could work beautifully with the words: “When you taste this delicious, new chocolate sauce.”

And a B2B business could find joy here, fitting the groom’s reaction to the caption: “When the client delivers feedback.”

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