Social media updates: October 2023

Your monthly roundup of the social media updates and news from the past month.
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New Instagram polls and Facebook broadcasts are just some of the announcements that landed in October, opening up exciting new avenues for brands and influencers. 

It has predictably been another month where new AI technology has been thrust into our lives, powering the apps used to connect with an ever-changing audience.

This is particularly true of YouTube, who announced a tool allowing users to identify a song simply by singing it. Or take Meta AI, which provides a new assistant you can “interact with like a person”.

But if such rapid change feels difficult to keep up with, then fear not.

Vamp, who can help you get started in influencer marketing, has researched and broken down all the changes you need to know…


Polls in comment streams

Instagram began testing the use of polls placed within the comment streams on feed Posts and Reel clips, in a move likely to be welcomed by influencers seeking detailed opinion.

While this is already an option in Stories and DMs, the use of such a tool in Posts and Reel clips opens a new pathway to gather feedback.

This may be particularly useful for influencers and brands who notice healthy division in comments, as users will be able to view how many people voted on poll options. Creators undecided on the small details of their products could get an upper-hand here, too.

It also boosts profile engagement, which may enhance appeal to Instagram’s algorithm.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, says the tool remains in its testing phase but Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg insists it will be “rolling out to everyone soon”, without specifying a date.

For anyone interested in what people are saying about your brand, you can find Vamp’s own guide to social media listening.

App sticker

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi sparked speculation by sharing a screenshot purporting to show a new ‘app’ sticker in development.

The screenshot, shared on X, was picked up by various outlets and it was widely assumed the feature will allow users to direct viewers to other apps.

This could open various doors in marketing, with influencers and brands potentially being able to link audiences to apps they themselves promote or are paid to promote.

AI stickers

Meta began to roll out new AI stickers available on Instagram.

Meta announced the tool as a chance for users to “effortlessly generate customized stickers for your chats and stories”.

The AI tool gives users the ability to transform text prompts into “unique, high-quality stickers in seconds”.

Meta has also rolled out the tool in WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook Stories.

While the tool has been met with criticism in some quarters following reports of inappropriate use, it is a new opportunity for influencers with forensic attention to visual detail.

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Multiple accounts

In a world where personal and professional boundaries are increasingly blurred, creators and marketers using WhatsApp can breathe a well-earned sigh of relief.

Meta announced this month that users will have the ability to have two WhatsApp accounts logged in at the same time, allowing for an easy switch between the two without logging out.

The tech giant claims this will alleviate the need for two phones or the fear of accidentally sending a personal message to a professional contact.

This tool may be incredibly handy for brands who urge audiences to interact with them through instant chat. Creators and marketers who aim to transfer users from one platform to another may also relish the tool, too.

The downside, however, is that you will need a second phone number and SIM card or a phone accepting multi-SIM or eSIM.

But for anyone uneasy at the sight of messages from friends and family next to clients and customers, that’s certainly a small price to pay.

Disappearing voice notes

According to widespread reports, WhatsApp is currently testing the ability to send disappearing voice notes.

The tool is widely known for pictures, but the concept of only being able to listen to a voice note only once is not currently available.

If Meta were to introduce to all of its users, instead of an initial pool of testers, it would certainly add an increased level of privacy to the user experience.


Broadcast channels

Creators and brands will soon be able to start broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger.

What that means is that marketers and creators who manage Facebook Pages can start broadcasting channels to instantly interact with followers, in a way they have already been able to do on Instagram since September.

Meta adds that Admins of Pages will be able to use broadcast channel features like polls to instantly gather live feedback.

Creators and brands may also note the ability to send behind the scenes photos or videos.

In a post published on October 18, Meta said the feature would be rolled out “in the coming weeks”.

Wanting to incorporate this into your next social media campaign? Our guide shows you how to plan them

Meta AI

Meta AI was rolled out in beta phase, available across WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

The tool presents an AI assistant that you interact with in text-based chats.

Meta says it will have “access to real-time information through our search partnership with Bing”.

It adds there is an added feature for image generation. Currently, however, this is only available in the US.

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Auto-captions by default

From November, TikTok said all videos will have captions by default so that all content is “inclusive and everyone can enjoy the app without language limitations”.

Where previously users could turn off the auto-caption option, now they will be automatically enabled with no option to opt-out.

You’ll still be able to edit once published, though.

Creators and brands reaching users who struggle with hearing or are only able to watch in silence may find this feature helpful in the event they may have accidentally left captions off.


Community Posts Feed

YouTube said earlier this month it was testing a Community Posts Feed on Mobile.

Users will see a “posts-only” feed on the Home tab. Those in the experiment will also see a “View all” button that enables access to all posts shared with by channels users have engaged with. 

For creators and marketers who value YouTube to reach large audiences, this additional option could open doors for people more inclined to read than watch.

Searching by voice or song

YouTube users will be able to search for a song by playing, singing or humming.

The tool uses AI to match the sound to its original recording. Such a tool may remind users of the once groundbreaking app, Shazam.

In a post published on October 17, YouTube said the feature would be rolled out “in the next few weeks” and available on Android devices “for now”.

Stable volume

For YouTube creators frustrated by sound quality, this feature could be the answer to your prayers.

From October 17, YouTube said “stable volume” was automatically turned on to alleviate painful differences in volumes.

The broadcasting giant said “jarring” sounds will be reduced.

Press to 2x

YouTube says anyone watching videos in screen or portrait mode can increase the playback speed to 2x by pressing and holding down anywhere on the player before letting go at the desired part to return to normal.

It adds the tool is available across web, tablets and mobile devices.


When a creator asks viewers to “like” or “subscribe” to their videos, YouTube will now provide a visual cue on those buttons appearing in sync with the video.

An added bonus is that when viewers do indeed press that button, they will be met by an explosion of “playful sparkles”.

There’s also a new animation to update view count and like count in real time for the first 24 hours.

Subscriber analytics

A potential goldmine for content creators, YouTube said in a statement creators will now be able to view audience habits in more detail.

It will now be possible to view how many views came from new viewers, compared to the number of those obtained from returning viewers.

A larger chunk of new viewers watching your last video, for example, could drastically alter editorial decisions for your next one.

This can be found in the Audience tab. Want to know how you’re doing compared to your peers? Read our guide on how to carry out a competitor analysis.

You can also find advice on social media for small business should you be wondering if YouTube is right for yours.

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Until next time 

Given the meteoric rise of advanced technology in 2023, it’s never been more crucial to ensure you don’t get left behind.

Every month, the world’s largest tech giants are competing with each other to make new tweaks that shape the way creators and brands engage with audiences. 

So whether you’re an creator, brand or consumer, you can rely on Vamp to make sure you’re in the know on the game-changing updates that will redefine your experience.

Stay connected and informed with Vamp.

And if you’re interested in taking your influencer marketing to the next level, take a look at our pricing.


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