Why brands should be prioritising quality social content in 2021

According to the data, quality social content should be your brand’s number one priority in 2021. Let's find out why.

According to the data, quality social content should be your brand’s number one priority in 2021.


As the impact of COVID-19 moved customers’ traditional brand touch points online, social content became even more important. And we’re not talking about just any content. This year, brands have needed high-quality images and videos that can stand out in the social feed, inspire, build brand love and make sales. Helping businesses make up for a year of uncertain sales and missed opportunities.

This trend and the need for high-quality social content is set to continue into 2021 and – according to the data – will be a key decider in what brands succeed on social media.


58% of consumers visit a brand’s social media pages before visiting their website. An 81% increase over last year.

Social is the new shop front and sharing quality content helps customers make decisions at crucial parts of their purchasing journey. If your socials aren’t up to scratch, customers may just skip out on following through with a purchase.

54% of consumers said they are more likely to trust brands if they make their content engaging and relevant, and keep it regularly updated (53%)

Quality social content will help build stronger brand-to-customer relationships, especially during this time. COVID-19 saw unsettled consumers gravitate to the people, organisations and brands they know and trust.

Potential customers can be deterred from making a purchase if your social platforms aren’t regularly updated with relevant and engaging content. Particularly if it’s their first experience of your brand. Consumers want real time product information and testimonials to validate their purchasing decisions.


89% of consumers say they will buy from a brand they follow on social media and 84% will choose that brand over a competitor.

Ultimately, if your content can engage with a customer and persuade them to follow you, they become more loyal. Not only that, customers will also increase their spending with you. 75% of consumers say they’ll increase their spending with brands they follow on social media.

25% of consumers share brand content they have noticed on social media.

Once your social feeds are curated with high-quality and relevant content, you’re increasing the possibility of further brand exposure. Customers who re-share your content turn into advocates for the brand, by organically sharing your brand’s name, and their thoughts on your product or services, with a larger pool of potential customers.


So how can you secure quality content that will aid conversions?

#1 Consider a mixture of content types and formats. Keep followers engaged with images, cinemagraphs and videos. If you’re posting on Instagram, share content across posts, Stories, Lives and IGTV. Staying active across multiple touch points will help keep you top of mind.

#2 Don’t let your ‘tagged’ posts go to waste. Re-share the UGC that your customers tag you in. This is going to fill up your social feeds with up-to-date content of your latest products, with real-time customer testimonials. 

#3 For a more professional look, partner with Vamp influencers. Once our pre-vetted community have created branded content and shared it with their engaged audiences, its ready for you to re-share or buy the HD usage rights to. You can also use our platform for content creation-only briefs. Generate beautiful still-images, cinema graphs and videos, at a cost-effective rate.


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Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.