Vamp’s 2021 predictions for influencer marketing and social media

Vamp’s co-founder Aaron Brooks shares his predictions on what influencer marketing and social media will look like in 2021

“Expect slick short-form video, social commerce and a big focus on wellness and agility in 2021” predicts Vamp’s co-founder Aaron Brooks.


Last year there were 3.7 million brand-sponsored influencer posts on social media. This year it was estimated that there would be 6.12 million and by next year the global influencer economy is predicted to be worth $US 8 billion.

And the industry is changing as fast as it’s growing.

Barely a week goes by without an Instagram update or influencer marketing development. Which may mean the strategies you have been using, won’t produce the same results for you in 2021.

With most of brands increasing their spending on influencer marketing, marketers should take notice of these four upcoming trends to ensure they achieve return on their investment.


#1 Short-form, big potential


Social users have been obsessed with creating and watching short-form video this year. In April, TikTok reached 2 billion downloads and the subsequent launch of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts (plus persistent competition from Triller and Byte) secured 2020 as the year of short-form video content.

While the platforms battle it out, launching exciting features to lure high-profile creators away from competitors, marketers are really set to benefit.

That’s because in 2021, we’ll see creators polish their craft, generating ever more exciting and high-quality short-form videos for their brand partners. We’ll also see more content adaptation, as creators gain a deeper understanding of where different types of content thrive.

Meanwhile marketers won’t need a single platform to win out. They’ll reach different customers and achieve different objectives by taking a creator-first, omnichannel approach. Whether that’s TikTok for viral videos, Instagram Stories for tutorials or Reels for entertainment.

#2 Social shopfronts


Social media has become the new store front – and not just because lockdown drove us away from shops and towards our smartphones.

Instagram has been steadily investing in social commerce options over the past few years but their latest redesign shows real intent. They have swapped out the notifications tab for a new Shop Tab, which takes their shopping feature out from the Explore page and into prime position on the home screen.

This will undoubtedly increase the number of Instagram Shoppers – and sales potential for brands. Consumers have got comfortable shopping online this year, so are even more likely to continue in their quest for convenience. 58% now visit a brand’s social media pages before visiting their website, an 81% increase over last year.

That’s not to say it will be easy for brands. Instagram will remain as competitive as ever so I predict that it will only be those who can perfect their shopfront – by investing in high-quality content, created to convert – that will see big returns.

#3 Healthy influence


We’re already seeing more and more brands branching into health and self care themes in a bid to connect with the modern consumer. With the wellness movement accelerating in 2020 – and touching so many individual industries – health-focused influencers will be in big demand in 2021.

Brands are looking to add value through partnering with relevant ambassadors who can share valuable tips and tutorials. Relevancy is key here, particularly for brands focusing on themes around mental health. I expect we’ll see brands moving towards a micro influencer approach, partnering with experts in those areas, rather than expensive macro talent who may have the following but not the knowledge.

This approach will appeal to marketers still grappling with COVID cut budgets too. Just be sure to lock them in early!

#4 Agile marketing


2020 was a masterclass in responsive marketing. In a matter of weeks the world completely changed it seemed unfathomable that campaigns – months in the planning – could go ahead.

Marketers have had to think fast and adapt – and there have been some truly inspirational results. Like Gymshark offering PTs unable to work a live slot on their social channels and Bobbi Brown offering virtual consultations which successfully converted new customers. Like any muscle flexed long enough, this agility has strengthened across the sector.

While forward planning hasn’t completely gone out of the window, we’re seeing marketers getting more comfortable in short term, highly relevant and fast moving campaigns – which will remain a necessity into 2021.

Vamp’s platform fully supports marketers in the speed in which they can create and complete social campaigns. From briefing to payment, our tools make the process quick and easy, so you can start generating content fast. In fact, our briefs receive 50% of applicants in under two hours.

You can also scale your approach, managing creators all around the world, in multiple campaigns, simultaneously, from one central workspace. So far this year, Vamp has worked with more than 2,550 creators in 36 countries around the world.

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