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Tips on engaging consumers, from the consumers themselves
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The power and influence wielded by creators have become undeniable.

From cosmetics to cars, influencers are reshaping the way we discover, engage with, and trust brands. At Vamp, we’ve been at the forefront of this dynamic shift, leveraging our platform to analyze and provide valuable insights to our clients.

In this report, we turn our attention to the heartbeat of influencer marketing: the consumers. We delve into their sentiments, explore the content that resonates, and uncover the impact on their purchasing decisions. The findings, drawn from a diverse sample of consumers across multiple regions, shed light on the ever-growing significance of influencer marketing.

As we navigate through the data, one thing becomes abundantly clear—consumers not only appreciate influencer content but trust it. The positive sentiment surrounding influencers is encouraging, with an overwhelming 90% positivity in the UAE, highlighting the regional nuances in perception. This report dissects these sentiments, offering actionable insights for brands aiming to capitalize on this trust.

The report uncovers the platforms commanding attention and the content styles that resonate most with audiences. Crucially, our findings emphasize authenticity as the linchpin. Consumers yearn for content that entertains, inspires, and informs, steering away from overt sales pitches. 

The report concludes with a focus on the coveted ‘C’ word: conversion. In the following pages, we invite you to absorb the data, internalize the insights, and consider how these findings can reshape your influencer marketing strategy.

The era of influencer marketing is not just here; it’s thriving, and your brand’s success hinges on understanding, adapting, and embracing the transformative influence of creators.

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