Marketers should be double mobile optimising content – here’s how

The secret to high performing ads on social media is a two phased approach
Marketers should be double mobile optimising content – here’s how

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This year, for the first time, our time spent on mobile overtook TV.


That’s more hours checking social media, watching content and viewing ads on our phones, than watching television, or on desktop. It may have been a long time coming, but surpassing that tipping point is a momentous shift for brands.

Customers are more likely to be viewing your ad during the three hours and 43 minutes they spend on their mobile phones than anywhere else. Advertisers can no longer count on a captive TV audience watching in full size, sound and brightness.

This shift demands an adapted strategy. Catering for the customer’s evolved experience means mobile-first content. It needs to be bitesize, interesting and actionable as well as relatable and custom-made for the platform. But the savviest marketers are going a step further, with double mobile optimised content.

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Phase one

Firstly, they are enlisting expert social creators to generate their assets. Influencers are specialists in making content for mobile. They’ve spent years testing formats to see what can stop a scrolling thumb in a millisecond. Their success and strong social followings are testament to their ability to create content that performs. They know how to capture a social user’s attention. Staying at the cutting edge of social content trends is how they stay relevant in a quickly evolving space.

Marketers can leverage this by using these social tastemakers to create their branded assets. This creates a solid foundation for the second part of their mobile optimisation.

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Phase two

There are tried and tested creative elements that can be added to an image or video to help it perform well on social media. Take Instagram Stories. Although users are consuming Story content faster than any other mobile format, tips and tricks can make them stop and take notice.

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  • Fast-paced edits, which capture attention from the very first frame is one successful technique.
  • Even static images can be transformed into more eye-catching moving images with animated elements.
  • Adding sound is another effective tactic. While you can’t be sure that your customer is watching with sound, you should be prepared if they are. According to Facebook, 80% of Stories with voice-over or music drove better lower-funnel results than ads without
  • There are also plenty of Instagram features available that help drive conversion. Maximise the potential of social ads by adding calls to action, the ‘swipe up’ function, or shoppable tags to encourage users to take action the moment inspiration strikes.


Consider influencers an expert recourse for social content creation. They know how to create branded content that feels native, not like a hard sell. Then optimise their engaging assets with techniques that make a truly effective ad. This will give your content the best chance of success.

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Aaron Brooks Vamp Founder

Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks is the co-founder of Vamp. Aaron and Ben McGrath co-founded the company on the principle that influencer marketing is key for brands to succeed in today’s digital economy. An advocate of Vamp’s talent, Aaron believes that influencers are their own brands and product placement in an influencer’s channel is most effective.


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