Why influencer marketing connects with every age of customer – not just Millennials

Think influencers only connect with young audiences? Think again
Why influencer marketing connects with every age of customer – not just Millennials

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In a culture whereby ‘Millennial’ and ‘Instagram influencer’ appear to be used interchangeably, marketers may think that influencer marketing is a channel used only to connect with young people.


Cool, young brands connecting with teens and twenty-somethings through social media influencers of a similar age. Certainly not a strategy for marketers targeting older customers. But that is a huge underestimation of the power of the channel. While it’s true some social platforms fly under the radar of older generations, Instagram isn’t limited to a certain group of people.

There are a billion active monthly users on there. A diverse mix of ages, races, interests and incomes, and they almost certainly include your customers. The shift from traditional media to social media is a cross generational one.

63 per cent of Instagram users are over the age of 25. If you want to connect with them, influencers produce some of the most high-quality and engaging content on Instagram. Here’s how you can adapt your strategy.


Use audience insights to your advantage

Vamp influencer Caroline Labouchere

As well as a whole range of users, Instagram is home to a diverse array of influencers. Vamp influencer Caroline Labouchere is a great example. The 55 year-old influencer has 65K followers with whom she shares her fashion and fitness choices.

When recruiting influencers for your campaign, seek highly-relevant influencers and use their audience insights to ensure their followers are the type of people you want to talk to. Instagram business accounts offer data on where a user’s followers are from, how old they are, even their gender split. Marketers should be using these to their full advantage when choosing relevant brand advocates.


Widen your net

A great way to target multiple demographics, without blowing your marketing budget, is activating multiple micro influencer campaigns. Creators with smaller audiences not only boast more specialised and hyper-engaged audiences, but their affordability means you can choose a number of them, for the price of one big name influencer.

With this type of strategy, you are speaking to multiple audiences, rather than just the one. Each creator will tailor their content to suit the followers they know so well, giving you the best chance at reaching them and landing your marketing message.


Amplify their content

Amplifying Social Content

Once your highly-relevant influencers have created their engaging content (and you have purchased the rights), you can amplify its effect even further. Marketers can repurpose these branded assets anywhere. Statistics suggest influencer content performs higher than brand created assets. So even if you take images or videos outside the platform in which they were originally created, they will keep getting you results.

Perhaps your data tells you a large number of your customers are on Facebook as well as Instagram? Then reuse these authentic, mobile-first assets to create captivating Facebook ads. Using this content to fuel targeted ad campaigns will allow you to reach highly specialised groups with precision.

It’s a huge misconception that influencer marketing is only effective in reaching a certain age group and this misconception means many brands are missing the opportunity to engage their customers on social media. Influencer marketing is a flexible marketing channel. With a savvy strategy, there is huge potential to connect your brand with a range of demographics.


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