Reaching new customers with influencer marketing

Two brands explain how influencers introduced them to new consumers
Reaching new customers with influencer marketing

Brands only make up 10% of the accounts young Instagram users follow.


So even when a company is investing in top quality content, writing engaging captions and posting at peak time – the amount of people that will see that content is still limited.

It’s one of the many reasons influencer marketing has exploded in popularity. Social content creators have engaged audiences. Thousands of the people brands wish could discover their product. Reaching new customers is one of the main reasons brands have been increasing their spend in influencer marketing over the past few years.

Micro (or even nano) influencers help marketers ensure they are reaching the right people. With more niche interests – and audiences that reflect that – brands can target their marketing efforts with razor focus. Two brands that Vamp have helped do exactly that are Max Factor and Estee Lauder who found their influencer campaigns helped connect them with fresh audiences.


Estée Lauder

Reaching new customers with influencer marketing
Our recent campaign with Vamp was a huge success. Not only was it successful in capturing new customer data for future retargeting, but it was also fantastic in driving consumers in-store through engaging, influencer-led social content. Anecdotally, our Beauty Advisors said the Vamp sampling campaign was ‘extremely active’ and noted an increase in a younger demographic visiting the counter, asking how Advanced Night Repair can help their skin. It’s always a pleasure working with Vamp and we look forward to evolving this relationship even further in FY20.

Sarah Maher, Consumer Engagement Manager, Estée Lauder, AERIN, TOM FORD BEAUTY and Kilian

Objective: Estée Lauder wanted to drive awareness of their Advanced Night Repair serum amongst new customers through influencer marketing. To encourage prospective customers to try it for themselves, they wanted to drive a sampling campaign.

Strategy: Beauty-focused female influencer posted Instagram posts and stories. As well as highlighting the benefits of the product, they drove their followers to a sampling platform, encouraging them to try it for themselves. After entering their details, followers were directed in store to collect a free sample.


  • Average engagement rate of 17.70%.
  • 114,320 unique reach.
  • Stories had a 88.14% completion rate, indicating a highly engaged audience.
  • Over 5,000 subscribed to the free offer, through influencer content and the subsequent paid media campaign, using influencer content.

Max Factor

Reaching new customers with influencer marketing
It was a pleasure to work with Vamp on the Radiant Lift campaign. Our key challenge was to introduce Max Factor to a new generation of women – Vamp’s platform allowed us to do this in an organic and dynamic way. The talent produced tailored content with a storytelling element that was both beautiful and hard-hitting when it came to beating our benchmarks. Max Factor saw an uplift in sales during the campaign with our key e-commerce partner.

Julie O’Driscoll, Senior Brand Manager at Max Factor

Objective: Max Factor’s goal was to reach new customers and drive mass awareness for their Radiant Lift foundation and their core range of products. They also wanted to increase consumer engagement on social media, and drive conversions and sales for their products.

Strategy: Beauty-focused female influencers with a range of following sizes posted Instagram posts and Stories. By using influencers with both large and small followings, the campaign could absorb the benefits of wide reach (associated with large audiences) and strong engagement (associated with small audiences).


  • 1.6m impressions.
  • 957,000 unique reach.
  • 101,000 likes and 3,300 comments.
  • 2.5% average engagement rate – that’s 195% higher than the Health & Beauty Industry benchmark (0.86)* for Instagram posts.
  • Stories had a 97.8% completion rate, indicating a highly engaged audience.
  • 9,820 Story swipe ups. Over 30% of viewers.


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