Influencer Predictions to get you excited for 2018

Influencer Predictions to get you excited for 2018
Vamp influencer predictions

Our Influencer predictions for 2018? If 2017 is anything to go on, it’s going to be an even more exciting year for the industry.

Last year our Influencer predictions included brands utilising Influencer produced content outside of social media, that the value of Influencers will shift more towards the content they create and that Influencers will start being referred to as Content Creators more and more. 2017 truly been a massive year for Influencer Marketing with the industry booming into at least a $1 billion one this year and projected to raise to $5-10 billion by 2020.

As much as now’s a time to reflect and ponder back on the year that was, it’s also a time to look forward and have fun predicting what’s to come. Fail to plan and you plan to fail, as the old adage goes, and for 2018 brands and influencers are going to need to be at the top of their game to keep ahead of the competition.

Vamp’s Influencer Predictions for 2018:

  • Social Platforms will conform to the channel and allow ease of use for influencers. We have already seen Instagram introducing transparency features for influencers to disclose paid partnerships and Facebook creating apps for influencers to easily produce live content. Watch this space.
  • More integrated campaigns. Brands will start to further leverage the power of influencer marketing by utilising content in multiple channels long after the influencers have posted. We’ll see more influencer content being used in paid social, eDM’s, website etc.
  • Always on influencer strategy. Brands are already investing in influencer marketing but we will see them make it part of their year long plan. Brands will assign budgets to allow for continuous initiatives that put their brand front of mind across social platforms.

We spoke to 5 of our Influencers who made it into our top 10 list for the number of campaigns they have completed with Vamp this year for their thoughts on what 2018 might bring for the industry.

Video created recently for a Vamp x LDV campaign by Influencer @denys_black

Influencer Predictions for 2018 from Vamp Influencers:

@stylendipity x OPSM

“This year I felt a huge shift upwards in influencer marketing as a valid profession and it makes me super excited for twenty-eighteen. It’s exciting that, as influencers, we will no longer need to justify why we do what we do (standing on chairs to take a brunch shot, trespassing on the property of beautiful homes to get the outfit shot and talking to our phone in the middle of the street!). In all seriousness though, the fact that traditional brands are adapting to social platforms and understanding the value in them affirms the credibility of the influencer space. The New Year will see larger marketing budgets allocated to influencers, the rise of long-term contracts and a prolific rise in the quality and originality of content.

I really appreciate Vamp having me on board this year. I feel so humbled to be apart of some incredible campaigns and to produce some of my favourite content to date. I look forward to a spectacular year ahead.”

@thecoffeegent x AMEX

“On a personal level, 2018 will bring a more refined and methodical approach to how I go about things as an Influencer. 2017 was an experimental year in terms of the types of content I created and also a massive learning year of adapting to the major changes that took place on the Instagram platform.

On a whole, I think 2018 will be the year Influencer marketing really cements itself as a brand’s primary contact point for connecting with people on a personal level. Honesty will play a big part. We all know Influencer marketing exists now, the veil has dropped and honest, heartfelt, passionate promotion is the only way forward. It’s going to be an exciting year!”

@stylebytrade x Uniqlo

“It’s incredible how social media has and continues to influence everything – from our political standpoints to the shoes we wear. It’s also become an extremely flooded industry where just about anyone can be a digital influencer (which can be a great thing – everyone has a voice to share) so we are all looking how to evolve and up the ante!

We think that established influencers will continue to do what they do but also adopt a new role of creating content and blurring the lines between influencers and art direction. For the client, it’s faster, more cost effective and 100% targeted to their audience, for the influencer its creates exciting opportunities and allows us to unleash our creative flair and for the audience you see fascinating and beautiful content – a win win for everyone. So with this, I think we will see more polished and art directed content (which is very exciting)! Instagram will the digital version of flipping through a high end magazine!”

@chrizellelategan x Estée Lauder

“In 2017 we saw a huge focus from photo content to virtual reality and video production. I believe this will continue to grow in 2018.

As social media is ever changing and brands are disappearing from our newsfeed I believe Instagram stories will be key to staying visible and relevant in 2018. We also saw Instagram getting access to product and website linking which is already generating huge influencer driven sales. I believe that Influencers and Marketers will find new and creative ways in which to keep their Audience engaged through Instagram stories and video production.”

@ellesechloe x New Balance

“My 2018 prediction for influencer marketing is more bloggers joining their creative forces together to create super unique content.”

@thechicndamned x Murad Skincare

“My Influencer predictions for 2018 are that more brands will get on board with niche market content creators and recognise the power of influencer marketing. As a result, content creators will become more innovative and concentrate on finding their own unique styles and point of view.”