“Influencers are the Future” says Fredrik Eklund

"Influencers are the Future" says Fredrik Eklund
VAMP Aaron Brooks with Fredrik Eklund

Photo: VAMP Co-Founder Aaron Brooks with Real Estate Entrepreneur and TV personality, Fredrik Eklund 

In their marketing brainstorm on Million Dollar Listing, forward-thinking Fredrik Eklund came up with a new strategy to build up hype around the opening of a new apartment building to all of those who can afford up to $20 million on an apartment.

“Forget open house or private showings. What if we came up with an event in the building for all the makeup instagrammers and that way we are naturally going to get access to millions of their followers. This is the future!

You have two options. One is to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for an ad. A static boring ad that people are just going to flick through. Or you can reach millions of people instantly. It’s instant, it’s global, it’s free. That’s marketing.”

For Madison Square Park, Eklund held an event for the first “live” open house, inviting around 50 Instagram Influencers to come and check the place out and post about it on their social feeds. Their combined audience of 6.6 million followers was exactly the magic marketing they were looking for.

“Influencers are so big right now,” Eklund’s social media expert said.

Of course, high quality Influencers would be very unlikely to attend an event and post about it for free as they are professional creatives however when you think about the return on investment in this scenario, it might as well be free. It’s certainly a worthwhile way to spend your marketing dollars. Recent stats show that for every $1 spent in Influencer marketing you’ll see a $7.65 return on your investment.

Regardless of whether the Influencers’ followers had up to $20 million to spare, the idea is to create an exciting buzz around the marketing of the building.

The result?

Mind-blowing. Madison Square Park became the most-followed apartment building in New York.