The most Instagrammable spots in Dubai

An influencer's guide to the most picturesque spots in the city
The most Instagrammable spots in Dubai

Vamp’s account manager and content creator @aidagramm takes us on a tour of her home city.


With its stunning architecture and contrast between the historic and futuristic, there are so many great places to create incredible content in Dubai. I could go on forever, but for the interests of this post (and possibility that you might have other things to do today), I’ll stick to my top six most Instagrammable spots. 


1. The Dubai Fountain


The Dubai Mall is home to the ‘largest performing fountains in the world’ and one of the most Instagrammable spots in the city. Everything from the lights to the water to the architecture make for a truly stunning backdrop. It’s also one of the best places to photograph the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa. It’s little wonder then that much of the highest performing content in the UAE is created here.

The most Instagrammable spots in Dubai - an influencer's guide

2. Burj Khalifa 


Another breathtaking vantage point of the Burj Khalifa is at the very top. Not for those afraid of heights, the fastest lift in the world will whisk you up 124 floors in just 60 seconds. There, you take photos from a 360 degree observation deck. My top tip would be to visit the outdoor terrace on floor 148 at sunset, you’ll get some amazing shots. 


3. Alserkal Avenue


This is the region’s foremost arts hub, opened in 2007. It’s essentially a cluster of warehouses, spread across 500,000 square feet, that house exhibitions and events. I love shooting there. Its clean, modern look has a really urban feel, making it the perfect setting for great for street style photography. Plus there’s a lot of amazing art and cafes.

The most Instagrammable spots in Dubai - an influencer's guide

4. Al Bastakiya


I’d urge photographers to also venture to the old side of Dubai, it’s a beautiful contrast to the modern architecture I’ve mentioned so far. The oldest standing residential area of Dubai is a maze of alleys surrounded by ochre-coloured buildings with intricate details. The nearby Dubai Creek is also worth a visit to capture the heritage and history of Dubai.


5. Jumeirah Beach


Call me bias, but pretty much any shot you can get with the Dubai skyline in it, especially during sunset, looks really special. The white sands of Jumeirah Beach is a great spot for skyline shots. The sail-shaped luxury hotel, the Burj Al Arab will be in the background and is one of Dubai’s most instantly recognisable buildings. Pictured by @s.o.n.y.a.official.

The most Instagrammable spots in Dubai - an influencer's guide

6. Al Qudra and Fossil Rocks


A must for drone photographers, Al Qudra has a man-made, heart-shaped lake, known as the ‘Love Lake’ which is best captured from above. It’s a unique sight. One of Vamp’s influencers took this first drone shot there and was featured on CNN. The Fossil Rocks in the Liwa Desert located in Sharjah are beautiful too.


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