Seven steps to securing brand collaborations with Vamp

Use our quick seven-step guide to securing brand collaborations with Vamp

Being a Vamp creator has many perks. We provide our community with paid opportunities to collaborate with global brands – but what if there were seven steps to securing brand collaborations with Vamp?


A recent update to the Vamp app allows you to see your star rating. Ratings are given to you by the team at Vamp. After completing each deliverable, your campaign manager will rate you based on your professionalism, reliability and commitment during the campaign.

Your rating can help you to secure future campaigns with us. If you have a higher rating, you’ll be more likely to be chosen for a job, but that’s not all we consider when presenting you to our clients.

Learn how to maximise your earning potential with a five-star rating here. Or follow these seven steps to securing brand collaborations with Vamp:


#1 Keep a consistent feed


Not only do we look for creators who have a beautifully flowing feed, we look for consistency in posting. Post on a regular basis and you’ll help increase your chances of being chosen for a campaign. We want to see that you’re committed to your content creation and growing your personal brand.

To give you a guide, @vampbrands posts at 6pm every weekday, because we know that’s when our audience is most active, with the help of Hootsuite.


#2 Engage with your audience


A good rule of thumb to follow is that if your engagement rate is 3% or higher, you’re content is resonating extremely well with your audience. The higher your engagement rate is, the higher your chances are of securing collaborations.

Bump up your engagement by always replying to DMs and comments left on your posts. Use hashtags on Stories and posts so people outside of your following can discover your content and engage with it. You’ll also find committing to daily community engagement, where you comment and like other creators posts, will increase your own.

You can view your engagement rate in the Vamp app when you click on your profile in the top left hand corner of the home screen.


#3 Grow an authentic audience


We work with nano to macro influencers, but there’s never any harm in continually expanding your following. Thats why we encourage our community to be persistent in growing their authentic audience.

This takes time and commitment. Community engagement is our number one recommendation. Getting your content re-shared is also another way many creators gain traction on Instagram. Tag the brands you feature in your content, even if you’re not collaborating with them.


#4 Post your content on time


When working on a campaign with Vamp, we always give you timelines you must stick to. Going live on the given date or during a specific time frame is imperative. Post late, and you’ll risk loosing your reliable reputation.

Lucky for you, our app is equipped to ensure you’re always on time. You’ll know the campaign’s live date, prior to creating your content. This is visible to you on your home screen. If you’re working on multiple campaigns at a time, our apps scheduling feature is the perfect tool to use to keep you organised.


#5 Be responsive, communication is key


No one likes being left on read. When working on a Vamp campaign, you have a chat feature that allows you to communicate with your campaign manager, in real time. A great tip to continually secure brand collaborations is to be as communicative to the team as possible.

Whether it be a question about the brief or you’re giving us an update that your product has arrived, we want to hear about it! Being responsive to our questions and campaign updates should also be at the top of your priority list. It’ll help increase your chances of being chosen on the next campaign, as we will know you won’t leave us hanging.


#6 Nail those brief requirements


Nailing a brief and impressing the Vamp team (along with the client) should be a constant goal as a content creator. Delivering exactly what the client wants, with your own personal touch to it, will build you a positive reputation.

We always recommend re-reading briefs before, during and after you shoot your content, and also before uploading content for review. Get into the habit of doing this and you’ll become the master of briefs.


#7 Be reliable, complete campaigns in full


Just as no one likes being left on read, nobody enjoys being ghosted. If you’ve been assigned one or six pieces of content, we expect you to complete each deliverable in full. Opting into one of our briefs is almost like signing a contract. Be a reliable creator and you’ll bump up your chances of securing future campaigns.

Of course we understand that life sometimes throws its curveballs. If you are unable to complete a campaign due to personal reasons, communicate this with us as soon as you can. No harm will be done to your Vamp rating.

And that’s seven steps to securing brand collaborations with Vamp. Learn more tips to securing work with us from our creators here and here.


Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.