March influencer of the month @eperdumence

A sneak peak into @eperdumence's world and how he completed a Vamp campaign while hospitalised

A sneak peak into @eperdumence‘s world. Vamp’s dedicated influencer of the month is based in Paris. He completed his most recent Vamp campaign, Adobe’s Valentines Day campaign, while hospitalised. Heres how he did it.


We were so sorry to hear about your incident in New York (Gabriel was left needing a tracheotomy after a random street attack). We hear you still managed to complete our Adobe campaign, in hospital, while remaining positive, reliable and dedicated.

I like to keep my commitments and I hate to disappoint. Vamp has been extremely understanding of my situation. I was even allowed extra time to post because I was heavily sedated against the pain and I had difficulty writing.


You have been so open with your followers about your incident. How do you think social media has had a positive impact on you during this time?

It’s in my nature to be transparent with my community. Also, I like to make fun of things (even if it can be shocking sometimes). I was literally flooded with messages of love and support. My community has given me a lot of strength and I never felt lonely or sad.

How long have you been creating social content for, is it your full time job or a side hustle? 

I’ve been a content creator for two years. I’m happy to say that it’s my full time job!


Whats a couple pieces of advice you can give to other influencers trying to turn their content-creating side hustle into a full time job?

In my opinion it is important to remain flexible and open-minded. Remember to take a step back from your work and accept criticism, that’s how you’re going to learn and grow. Also, I believe that the more you enjoy creating something, the better quality it will be. It’s a virtuous circle.


What are some of your favourite tips and tricks when shooting content?

I like to shoot real moments and I’m very demanding when it comes to light. I see photography as cooking. You need the right ingredients: beautiful lighting, a beautiful setting and a beautiful subject.


You’re the co-founder of Can you tell me a little bit more about what you guys do and why you started it?

The French Way is about friendship and adventure. We met during a trip in the French Pyrenees and we have never let go since. We regularly go on trips by van or backpack. We create content together. Recently we had the chance to make a one hour film for a classical music quartet across the Alps.

What are some of your favourite shoot locations around Europe?

I haven’t had the chance to visit all of Europe yet. But my favourite places at the moment are the Italian Alps, the Spanish Basque Country and the Bardenas Desert. I like wild places that are not very touristy. Scotland is next on my list, I can’t wait to visit in my van!


What is your all time best performing post on your feed and why do you think that is?

My most commented, shared and saved post is a self portrait of my girlfriend (@manon_duma) and I. It’s a photo showing an intimate and vibrant moment. It’s also our first couple shot posted on Instagram. That’s probably why it did so well.


Right now I am….

Listening to: Make You Feel – Alina Baraz & Galimatias

Watching: Andrew Kearns’s vlogs

Eating: My Mum’s dishes

Wearing: Scotch & Soda from head to toe (sponsor)

Drinking: Protein shakes to heal faster


What do you like about working with Vamp?

Vamp is a very clear and responsive platform. Everything is well explained and the support is personalised. In addition, payments are extremely fast!


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