January influencer of the month @kopperfinch

We got the in's and out's of this Aussie-based creator's stop motion process.

Meet the stop motion Queen – @kopperfinch. Our incredibly talented January Influencer of the Month is based in Sydney and has worked on Vamp campaigns with Epzen, Nude by Nature and Estee Lauder. We got a glimpse into her stop motion creation process, how she edits and the art of the puzzle feed technique.


How long have you been creating social content for, is it your full time job or a side hustle?

I’ve been creating social content for about five years now. At the moment I’m freelancing as a beauty writer but I’m lucky that I still have the freedom to create visual content; it’s a great creative outlet for me. I love that I can learn about a brand, come up with concepts within their brief and try to help them share what’s great about their product or service. 


Your feed is incredible! What are your top tips on creating a puzzle feed? Why did you decide to start posting this way?

Thank you! I started doing it as a way to work multiple styles and themes into my branding and colour scheme. Now I’ve created a monster!

The main thing to consider with a puzzle grid is how damn organised you need to be with it. You have to make sure that all tiles are stitched left and right and up and down so that when it jumps one, it’s not all messed up (it’s not impossible, it just takes planning). I make sure it’s all working in a template that I created, you can download it with instructions here.

Although it takes a little extra time, I love looking back over it to see the different bits and bobs that are special to me. It’s a unique and interesting feed for people to look through when they come to your page for the first time too. 

Tell us about your stop motion and moving graphic images. What made you start creating these and how much time does each one take you? 

I love making these! Whenever I get a brief, the first thing I think is “How can I make this move?” It helps me find creative ways to make the brand come to life. 

I learned most of the graphic tools while I was at university and I discovered that I particularly loved creating animated gifs. I guess it all sprung from there as I started playing around with ideas, styling of objects and expanding my skill set in Adobe Suite.

As I like to have a little storyline in my stop motions, they can take a really long time to create. First I’ll write a storyboard of what’s going to happen, then I’ll gather or buy my props for styling. Next I’ll set my tripod up and start shooting each frame one by one. The storyboard is particularly important because sometimes I don’t shoot them in the order they’re animated, for example this Vamp brief for Arnott’s Fruits and Roots Cookies was shot in three separate flows.

This, along with editing in post, can take up to seven hours depending on the level of obsessive perfectionism I experience!


Do you have any tips for creators who want to create stop motion content or moving graphic images? We especially love the moving polaroids!

If you enjoy seeing this kind of content, you should totally start creating it!

What you’ll need is:

  • A tripod. 
  • Something to photograph with (a mobile phone works fine).
  • Something to edit and animate the frames together (I use Lightroom and Photoshop but there are other apps you can use).
  • Patience and the ability to not be too hard on yourself (if you accidentally nudge the tripod, it’s not the end of the world).

You don’t have to wait to get your ideal brief to give it a go, find something that you like the look of and work from there. I’m actually going to be doing workshops for how to create stop motions in 2020 so if it’s the kind of thing you’d like to learn, I’d love to have a creative day with you! Sign up to get the deets here.

The moving polaroids are some of my favourite elements to create as well! I’ve upgraded to different kinds of photos now but it all still feels very Harry Potter-ish. This is one of my faves (from a time with no fire bans in NSW) make sure your sound is on!

What is your all time best performing post on your feed and why do you think that is?

I didn’t realise this until I looked into the data to answer this question but the personal photos of me seem to do best (maybe I should post these more often!)

Honestly, the best performing post of all time is a video of me juggling lemons in multiple different colourful outfits all edited together. I think it performed well because it was funny (at least I think so) and a totally different style to what I normally do.

A close second is a hilarious video of me at an event organised by Vamp, trying not to flash everyone in the wind.


Before your puzzle feed started, your content was all cohesive in colour and tones, what are some of your favourite apps that you use to edit your images?

Yes I’m a little bit too obsessed with my colour scheme! For my feed, I’ve mostly always used different apps within Adobe suite. For stories I use VSCO and Tezza app for filters and Unfold and Storyluxe for layout. 

Right now I am….

Listening to: Bossa nova

Watching: Babylon Berlin 

Eating: Vege Vietnamese rice paper rolls with hoisin sauce (I’m obsessed) 

Wearing: Floaty long sleeve maxi dress with a belt and ankle boots

Drinking: Mojitos, red wine or cappuccinos (depending on where/when you find me) 


What has been your experience of working with Vamp?

I love Vamp because the briefs are always interesting and exciting and the team are so supportive and wonderful to work with. Also, although I’m beyond honoured to be named Influencer of The Month, I’ve always seen myself as more of a creator so I love that Vamp sees everyone as more than the number on the top of your profile. I’m always telling people to sign up, big fan! 

Download the free Vamp guide and learn how your brand can succeed on the original influencer marketing platform, Instagram.

Download this free Vamp guide and learn how to succeed on the world’s most viral platform.