The Paid Partnership tag and Branded Content ads are exciting opportunities for creators to extend the reach of their content, making them more discoverable to a wider audience.


So how should you be using them? Our recent Instagram Live with @iansangala answered exactly that, and we found out Solomon’s insider tips and tricks on both.

As a recap, the Paid Partnership tag is shown at the top of a post and reads, “Paid Partnership with (brand name).” That post can then be turned into a Branded Content ad by the brand who is tagged, which then allows that content to reach a whole new audience.


Creators’ guide to Branded Content: How to request the Paid Partnership tag


Solomon revealed three benefits for him as a creator:


1. Transparency


The Paid Partnership tag is a very clear indication to your audience that you are being paid for that particular post – a bonus for Solomon. “It’s really important for my following to know that I’m getting paid for a specific review of a product or service.” Honesty is the best policy. “If you’re being transparent with them, you’re in a better position to build a more loyal and engaged following” says Solomon.

This transparency will also keep you on the right side of advertising bodies. The tag offers full disclosure so you can be sure that you’re following guidelines around paid collaborations and ads on Instagram.


2. Efficiency


Naturally your brand partner will want to know how your content is performing, but if you’re relying on fiddly screenshots, this can be a time-consuming process. However, when you use the Paid Partnership tag, your insights are available to the brand, eliminating some work for you. No need to screenshot all of your insights for these paid posts, collate them and send them off to the brand. They already have access to your live data. This is especially helpful, Solomon says, when you have a lot of work on and want to streamline the process.


3. Audience growth


When brands have boosted Solomon’s Paid Partnership posts using the Branded Content tool, it not only increased his engagement on that post, but his work has reached even more people. This has helped him grow his audience.

Branded Content ads also circulate on Instagram longer than an organic post, meaning your content will live for longer. Solomon also explained it makes that work feel even more worthwhile and that, “your hard work is paying off.”

Finally, if you’re hesitant about using the Paid Partnership tool because you suspect it may deter your audience away from engaging with that post – don’t be! Solomon insisted that using the tool shouldn’t lose you any engagement. If the partnership is very similar to your regular content and is aligning with your personal brand, there won’t be a dip in engagement, as your followers will still be wanting to see this content in their feed to interact with.

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