Instagram School: How to create engaging video for Instagram with @nickehfilms

@nickehfilms shares his advice on the benefits to sharing video content, how he shoots and what performs well on the feed.

Instagram videos only have a split second to capture a user’s attention. How can you be sure yours are captivating your followers from the very first frame?


Creating engaging videos for Instagram isn’t easy, so we interviewed a pro for our final ‘Instagram School’ session. @nickehfilms shared his advice on the benefits to sharing video content, how he shoots and what performs best in the feed. 

Nick started his film career as YouTuber back in 2009. For six years he was filming, editing and sharing skateboarding videos with his friends. His career progressed and he now works for a production company shooting documentaries, music videos and creative content for brands on Instagram.

Despite his credentials, Nick insists you don’t always need the latest gear to create amazing content. “You can shoot and edit such incredible footage on a mobile, so you don’t always need to go out and buy the latest cameras when you’re just starting out.” But if you are looking at buying an entry level DSLR, Nick suggests you invest your money into lenses, rather than the body of the camera as “the lens is what’s going to give you a better picture.”

Here are the other great pieces of advice Nick shared during the live.

How to grab the attention of your audience in the first 2-3 seconds


#1 Feature interesting transitions. “Viewers will go back and re-watch your video a few more times to try figure out how you’ve created the transition.” This helps generate more engagement and video views.

#2 Use popular music (that you have the rights to or isn’t copyrighted). “When viewers are familiar with a tune, they are more likely to engage with the video.”

#3 Add exciting or interesting thumbnails, that will grab your followers attention, before they’ve even watched the video.

#4 Keep your videos short, sweet and bright coloured, to hold the attention of your viewers. “Fast paced videos are better for socials.”


How to progress as a creator on Instagram


#1 “Social media is very fast paced, so you have to learn to not get too attached to your work.” Sometimes the work Nick is most proud of won’t perform as well as expected, but don’t get discouraged if something didn’t perform up to your expectations. Keep moving forward and create your next best work.

#2 “Surround yourself with other creatives.” Nick finds networking to be a great tool for finding the right people to bounce ideas off and improve your work. Finding a creative network means you can feature each other in your work and gather feedback.

#3 “Always look back on your old videos.” Jot down what you would have done differently as this helps you progress and learn as a creator. Being able to admit that your past work isn’t your best means you’re learning and ready to apply new techniques to advance you content.

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