How to maximise your earning potential with a five-star rating

Use this guide, and advice from Vamp creators and learn how to maximise your earning potential with a five-star rating

When selecting talent, Vamp’s clients are looking for creativity and reliability in their collaborators.


To help them make that decision, we now give all of our creators a star rating. At Vamp we are committed to working with reliable creators and ensuring our campaigns perform up to our clients expectations.

Once you’ve completed a brief deliverable in its entirety – and the approved content has gone live – your campaign manager will rate you based on your professionalism, reliability and commitment throughout the course of the campaign.

All of your ratings are averaged together to create your star rating, which is visible to you in the top left hand corner of your Vamp app’s home screen. Select your rating and it shares more information on what the score means and how to keep it high.


This rating not only can be seen by the Vamp team, but by the brands we work with when they’re choosing collaborators for a campaign. The higher your rating, the higher your chances of being selected are. Five stars will put brands at ease, knowing that you’ll:

#1 Create your content to brief, following all requirements, the dos and don’ts.

#2 Upload your deliverables for review on time.

#3 Be responsive in the chat when changes to your content are needed.

#4 And post your content to Instagram on time.

If you’re keen to achieve that all important five star rating and watch those brief approvals roll in (and who wouldn’t!?) then take the advice of these top-rated Vamp creators. Here’s how to maximise your earning potential with a five-star rating:

Put in that extra mile to show the brand just how engaged you are with the campaign.

Flatlay artist and graphic designer @designbyaikonik goes above and beyond for a brand to secure a top rating at the end of a campaign: “Put in that extra mile to show the brand just how engaged you are with the campaign. For example, upload a carousel post instead of a single image. This may increase your chances of receiving a higher rating at the end of it.”

Carissa also recommends creating content that is unique, eye-catching and meets all brief requirements – and had some final advise on professionalism. “Remember to be professional when liaising with the Vamp team in the app and ensure you’re always clear and concise when requesting additional information or support.” 

Great advice, particularly as you’ll just as likely to be chatting to the brand in our app.


@designbyaikonik for Koyomi Highball

Be the type of person you would want to work with.

Sydney based photographer @tk_north is always aiming to create his best work for every new campaign he works on, to guarantee his five-star rating. “My greatest tip is to consider a campaign as your dream job. If you can create a level of excitement around the job, you will almost always strive to put your best work forward.”

Good communication is another recommendation from Tim. “It’s so important to be a punctual and positive person to work with. That means sticking to deadlines and responding to messages in a friendly and timely manner. Be the type of person you would want to work with. I take this approach with every campaign, regardless of who the client may be.”


@tk_north for Adobe

I will re-read each brief five times, if not more, just to be sure I don’t miss anything.

Londoner and content creator, @livblankson puts communication and deadlines at the top of her priority list, when working on a Vamp campaign. “I’m really strict with myself about this (communication and deadlines) and probably end up annoying the team with all my questions. Don’t pretend to be clear on something just out of pride or because you think you’ll appear silly. Communication brings clarity, which then leads you to produce the best work you can on every project.”

Liv also suggests reading over your briefs, continuously throughout the content creation process. “I’ll re-read each brief at least five times, if not more; when I first apply, during conceptualising, during planning, while shooting (I typically refer back to it multiple times at this point) and then once my content has been shot and is ready for review. That way I’m positive that I haven’t missed anything before sending it back for approval. Some may call it obsessive, and perhaps it is, but it tends to pay off in the end.” Never missing a beat is definitely going to help you secure that five star rating when completing a Vamp campaign.


@livblankson for Max Factor

And that’s how to maximise your earning potential with a five-star rating! Now find out how to secure more brand collaborations with these seven steps. Or learn tips from Vamp creators here and here.


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