How to get chosen for more Vamp campaigns – just like @lovecherriiee

We spoke to Vamp influencer @lovecherriiee on how she scored 22 Vamp campaigns last year.

Our most-selected creator of 2019 completed 22 Vamp campaigns last year – while holding down a full time job as a teacher. Is she superwoman? Maybe. Did we get her to spill the tea about how she did it? Absolutely.


We’re a selective bunch here at Vamp. We have a closed community of influencers, so when we present our talent to clients, we know they are the best of the best. But entry still doesn’t guarantee your place in a campaign. That’s ultimately down to our clients. “So how do I get chosen for more Vamp campaigns ?” We hear you ask…

Well, we did a little data digging and found that Cherry, also known as @lovecherriiee, was our most-selected talent last year. Having worked on campaigns for West Elm, Esteé Lauder, Michael Kors, La Mer and Tommy Hilfiger, we asked Cherry about her time working as a Vamp influencer and how she managed to score that many campaigns last year.


What has been your experience of Vamp so far?

I started using Vamp a few years ago. It was the first platform I used when I started thinking of Instagram as more of a serious job. I love the way it has evolved. I also love how they don’t just focus on macro influencers. Vamp appreciate micro influencers and I think is super important for brands to invest in both.


What has been your favourite campaign to work on?

My favourite campaign was definitely the Esteé Lauder one from a few years ago. Back then I only had a few thousand followers and didn’t think I had any chance of being accepted, so when I got that approval, I was over the moon! Not only was I creating content for a brand I love, but I was able to try so many new products.


What advice would you give to creators to increase their chances in being chosen for campaigns?

Honestly, I think it’s just about being flexible with the type of content you create. I would call myself a lifestyle influencer, so that allows me to accept various campaigns whether it’s fashion, food or beauty. It may be different for creators who have a tighter niche. Brands are probably not going to choose a beauty blogger to promote their latest yoghurt range! Another tip is to definitely be you. Don’t copy another creators with their content. Create something that connects you with the brand.


Are you a full time creator?

Definitely not! I’m a full time primary school teacher, so I create content on the side. By using it as a side hustle, I can pick and choose which campaigns I want to do without worrying about my income. The money I make through Instagram is just a bonus for me.


Do you use any other companies or agencies to gain work?

I do use a few others, but Vamp is definitely the one that I get most of my paid work through. The app is just so easy to use, the briefs are clear and there is always set budgets, so there’s no need for me to negotiate. 


Why do you like working with Vamp? 

I love the team behind Vamp, they are always there to chat with and are super helpful and flexible during campaigns. They have such a huge range of campaigns to opt into. From beauty, fashion, food and to even events! It just makes it so much fun creating content for such a wide range of brands. Vamp is truly amazing! 


So there you have it folks, being flexible with the type of content you create and staying true to your personal brand is how Cherry manages to continue to score campaigns with us. Learn more tips from other Vamp creators here. Plus, find out how to maximise your earning potential with a five-star rating here and the seven steps to securing brand collaborations with Vamp here.


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