How to find your niche on TikTok

Learn what a TikTok niche looks like and how you can discover your own.

Jumping on TikTok trends and challenges is one way to build your audience on the platform. But the other way is to carve out a niche and become known for it. So how can you find your niche on TikTok?

Discovering your niche and perfecting your content will likely attract a more engaged audience. Users love finding creators who have discovered their specialism. If it appeals to them too, they know they can always find quality content that interests them, on your profile. Whether that be cooking, home styling, fashion tips, comedy skits or photoshop edits — your niche will attract like-minded people who are going to engage with your TikTok content, because it genuinely appeals to them.

In the long run, this will help grow your audience. Users scrolling through their For You page could come across one of your popular videos. If this video is suited to a specific category that attracts them — like fashion styling or editing tutorials — that user will click on your profile to find a whole collection of similar videos. It’s likely they would then follow you, to receive more of this awesome content in their Following feed.


What does a TikTok niche look like?

There are some incredibly talented and entertaining creators on TikTok, who have found their niche and continue to deliver high quality content. Here are some examples of creators who have discovered what really works best for their audience:

bomanizer creates hilarious ‘reality TV show’ skits that gain millions of views.

the.navarose has a strong, fashion-based audience with whom she shares her styling videos.

parkerlocke is an incredibly talented editor who creates viral videos of his front yard, turning into the worlds of movies like Harry Potter and TV shows like The Walking Dead.

drcody_dc uses his TikTok account to promote his chiropractic clinic, where he shares small clips from sessions with clients, showcasing the work he does with him.

twin.nwin shares soothing and light-hearted videos of her favourite recipes coming to life on her profile.

Finding your niche

If you’ve perfected your content on other social media platforms, use your expertise in that category to shoot TikTok content that aligns with this other presence. Not only will this save you time in figuring out your strengths, but it’s possible your audience will follow you over to TikTok. A perfect example is creator skincarebyhyram. He’s originally a skincare specialist YouTuber, but now uses TikTok as another source of sharing his passion and knowledge about skincare.

If you’re just starting out, its always good to dabble in a few different categories first to find your strengths. Once your TikToks start to gain traction, narrow your focus down to the videos that performed the best, so you can continue to create videos that are engaging your audience.

But what about jumping on the latest social trends and challenges? Of course you can still create TikTok content that is on-trend. But put your own spin on the challenge, to help ensure this content aligns with your current feed.


Need more inspiration? Here are some Vamp creators who have identified their strengths on TikTok:

mitch_tiktokz is a photographer who uses this platform to post nature slow-mos and time laps videos.

aichark is a fashion blogger who nails ‘quick fact’ videos about pop culture and offers fashion styling tips.

stormy.courtney is a mum blogger who features home styling and makeover advice on TikTok.

anniesbucketist uses TikTok to share her travel videos and top destination must-sees.

To help build your community of like-minded followers, ensure you use relevant hashtags and sounds in your TikTok’s. This will help your page become more discoverable for those looking for specific content, that you may already be producing.

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