How to digitally cleanse your online workspace

Needing to spring-clean your online working space? Use these tips for a digital cleanse.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious when your online working space is a total mess? We do, so we’ve pledged to digitally cleanse – and we think you should too!


So much of our working life is online, so it’s important to keep your digital situation fresh and clutter-free to ensure you are being your most productive self. This means no more emails from that brand you never buy from, or your desktop background being completely covered by documents, or 101 photos of the same selfie.

Just like using the KonMari method on your home, keeping your cyber life in check is a helpful way to minimise stress that comes from clutter. It helps lower your anxiety levels and also keeps your productivity at an all time high.

The Department of Psychology at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute says that clutter inundates the visual cortex and prevents its ability to concentrate. It’s proven that when your environment is organised, you tend to feel happier and calmer. So why not bring those tidy habits to your online world too? Here’s how to digitally cleanse your online workspace.


Here’s a checklist to help you digitally cleanse:


Tip 1:

Still subscribed to a random website that you bought something off in 2010? Unsubscribe from email lists that you find yourself never opening and say hello to a less cluttered inbox.

Tip 2:

While you’re at it, make some extra space by deleting old and irrelevant emails that you don’t need anymore.   

Tip 3:

Create subfolders within your inbox to minimise the amount of emails you keep in there — this makes the whole ‘checking your emails’ process a whole lot easier. Start off with folders like “Work” “Personal” “Shopping” “Subscriptions” and “Bookings”, then inside each one you can create subfolders for the emails you keep for each.

Tip 4:

Spring clean your following list on your socials. Unfollow accounts that aren’t bringing any inspiration or joy to you. Don’t be afraid to do this. You will be surprised how much happier you will feel when scrolling through your home feed. Instagram has now made this super easy for you to achieve. Their new update allows you to review the accounts you’ve interacted with the least in the last 90 days. Just tap “Following” and manage your list from there.

Tip 5:

Declutter your computers desktop and documents folder. Delete anything you don’t need anymore, create subfolders to minimise the mess and move items from your desktop into your documents. This should also help in making your computer work a little faster.

Tip 6:

Clear out your downloads folder. Anything you want to keep, just move it to a folder in your documents.

Tip 7:

Clear unwanted images from your camera roll. A simple way to know which images to keep out of the 101 selfies in the same pose is to only keep the ones you have ‘favourited’ in your Photos app.

Tip 8:

Delete old bookmarked websites and articles that you don’t use or need this year.

Tip 9:

Clean up your iCloud or Google Drive. Similar to what you did for your desktop and documents folder, only keep what you need.

Tip 10:

Purge the apps on your phone that aren’t useful or you don’t seem to use anymore. Take a step further and if you find that your mobile editing apps have lots of saved images or videos within them that you don’t require, delete them too.

Tip 11:

Turn off any non-essential notifications on your phone to stop the constant pinging and clutter in your notifications bar.


And that’s how to digitally cleanse your online workspace! Once you’ve completed your digital cleanse, its a good opportunity to bring some more positivity into your online life; subscribing to more useful and informative websites — try here, here and here, downloading more productive apps — download this, this and this, and following new, inspiring social accounts — follow Vamp, Creators and EmpowerPuff Girl. These are all great ways to keep you satisfied with your newly cleansed cyber space.

Trust us when we say you’ll be starting each workday off on the right foot after restoring order to your digital environment. Remember, there is never any harm in going through these steps multiple times a year if you feel it’s difficult to keep it all in order for months to come.

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