How to create content that brands want to boost

Find out the benefits to brands boosting your content and how to create the content that brands want to boost.

Have you ever considered the benefits to brands boosting your content? Well, the list starts with increased reach and a bump in new followers.


But how do you create this engaging content in the first place? And what inspires a brand to put spend behind your posts? This was the topic of our recent Live with Instagram, where we spoke to Steven Dawson, Instagram’s Branded Content Partner from Creative Shop, about how to create content that brands will notice, love and want to boost.


But first, why should you agree to having your content boosted by a brand?


Let’s discuss the benefits of boosting from an influencers point of view. We spoke to Vamp creator @bethbluu who recently had her content boosted by Adobe. “I’ve never had my content boosted before this campaign with Adobe. So when they decided to boost my paid partnership post, I saw a massive increase in engagement, activity and new followers on my account. These new followers were also engaging with some of my older posts.” After seeing an increased life span of her older content, and having her account reach a wider audience which resulted in new followers, Beth is now a huge fan of having her content boosted.


So what makes a brand decide to boost your content?


During our Live with Instagram, Steven Dawson shared his insider knowledge on branded content ads.

Consistency and authenticity

Your branded content shouldn’t stray from your usual style or tone of voice. You’ve perfected your personal brand over time and it’s helped you build an engaged audience. Steven advised creating content that is true to that, rather than changing it to suit a brand collaboration. This consistency will earn your post higher levels of engagement and authentic content with high engagement is exactly the kind that brands look to boost.

Brand awareness

This one is fairly obvious, but Steven mentioned that it’s regularly overlooked. The brand’s name should be mentioned early on and consistently throughout your branded content, in both copy and visuals – especially for video content. Brand association within the first three-seconds of a video is positively correlated with conversion lift, so a brand is more likely to choose your content to boost if their name is prevalent throughout.

Product recognition 

Similar to brand awareness, product recognition is often forgot about in branded content. The brand’s product must be recognisable and be the main focus of your content. Again, this is especially important for video content. Heavily showcasing the product or service in video content also corresponds to conversion lift.


Community engagement

Brands want to see you engage with your audience on your paid partnership posts by asking questions, showcasing promotions and keeping your audience excited about the product or service. We’ve seen countless brands choose to boost posts that have received a high amount of engagement organically, so keep this in mind when you’re aiming to have your work boosted.

Viewer friendly

Making your content viewer-friendly is imperative for a successful ad. Make sure your framing is on point and best suited to fit mobile usage. Video content should have no background noise, great lighting and be designed for sound off – so add closed captions. Brands often wait to the performance of your organic post before they decide to boost it and all of these production elements will further its success.


Lastly, brands want to boost content that showcases your creative flair, which makes their product or service look its absolute best. Brands love creators because they come up with ideas that no-one else can, so show them just how creative you can be with their briefs. Take @bethbluu’s advice in adding as much detail as possible into your content. “This often retains your audience’s attention – translating into higher engagements – as there’s more for the viewer’s eyes to explore.”

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