How to create an irresistible pitch for your favourite brands

How to create an irresistible pitch for your favourite brands
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With influencer marketing becoming such a central part of a brand’s marketing strategy, clients are becoming more selective about who they work with. Brands are swarmed with influencers reaching out to collaborate so getting a project across the line is becoming increasingly competitive. As they say, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Getting your initial contact with a potential client polished and professional will ensure you stand out from the rest.


Before you even begin composing your pitch, ensure the brand that you’re reaching out to is relevant to your audience and demographics. For example, reaching out to a $10,000 per night resort in the Maldives might sound like a great opportunity for you. If, however, your main audience demographic is 18-24 years old your client may wonder what kind of 18 year old could afford to be inspired by your imagery and take a trip!

At the end of the day, clients operate on social media to increase their bottom line. Using your audience demographics to your advantage in your pitch can be your greatest strength. Also ensure that you have a genuine interest in the brand you’re connecting with as this will inspire you to create great content.


Once you’ve identified a client that you’re passionate about and who is a good fit for your audience, create a pitch that will stand out from the rest. Clients receive scores of emails from influencers on a daily basis. The trick is to make your pitch stand out. Here are our three top tips to creating an irresistible pitch:

  • Find the right contact and address your pitch to that person specifically.
    Rather then send your pitch to a generic customer service address or via a DM on Instagram, do a little research and find the right contact person. This might be the person in charge of the brand’s social media or marketing. Personally address your email/pitch to them.
  • Personalise your email.
    There’s nothing worse then a copy and paste email template. Tailor each pitch and let your potential client know that you’ve been thoughtful about this collaboration, are unafraid of spending time on your project and that you have attention to detail. Let them know what you can offer them and why you would be a great fit to collaborate. Share your audience engagement statistics and how your audience demographic is in line with them. Case studies and examples of pervious work that they can use as a reference of what you’ll be creating for them.
  • Create a media kit.
    A media kit is a document that provides information about you, your profile, your audience, relevant examples your work and other important facts. Including a media kit in your pitch to clients adds that extra wow factor and also provides key information that can assist in getting your project or collaboration across the line.
    For more advice on the do’s and don’ts of creating a media kit, check out this article >


Once you’ve made contact, and have your project underway, ensure you communicate regularly and consistently. Keep to your timelines, create the best version of your content and touch base with your client after your project has wrapped up. It’s always interesting to hear their feedback on the project, how it generated business for them and to also cement a working relationship going forward. Information on how your content positively effected your client is also helpful to include in pitches for future collaborations.

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